How To Change Name on Facebook Before 60 Days

Previously I have written a guide to cancel pending friend requests on Facebook. Today I’m going to explain a tricky way to change Name on Facebook before 60 days after crossing the limit. Do you wish to change your name on Facebook? Yes, you can. But there are some limitations. Facebook allows you to change Name on Facebook using your Mobile or PC although after changing your name, you won’t be able to change it again within 60 days.

Facebook users may able to think to change their profile name on Facebook due to several reasons. And the main reason is that sometimes your name could be created with misspelled on Facebook. Or you may accidentally replace your first name in the last name field while you are creating your Facebook account. And there may be any other possible reasons.

We all know very well that Facebook is a largest social networking site, which lets people easily interact with family members, friends, acquaintances, clients, and businesses. Therefore, name on Facebook is one of the vital aspects of Facebook. Thus, it is important that changing name on Facebook if it was created incorrectly.  Let’s take a look at How to change your profile name on Facebook before 60 days.

How to change my name on Facebook?

Changing name on Facebook is simple, only you need to go settings section, and after that, you can change your Facebook profile name using your Android, iPhone or PC. Let’s see how to do so.

Change FB Name using PC

  1. Open Facebook on your PC using a web browser.
  2. Click the small arrow button at the top right corner of the Facebook. change_name_on_facebook
  3. Navigate to Settings > General.
  4. Now click “Edit” button next to the “Name.”
  5. Click on “Review Changes” button, and enter your Facebook Password in the popup box.
  6. Finally, Click “Save changes” button.


Change Facebook Name using Mobile app (Android/iPhone)

  1. Open Facebook app on your Mobile.
  2. Tap the menu button at the top right corner of the app.  facebook_app_account_settings
  3. Go to Account settings > General > Name, and now change your name, tap “Review Changes” button. change_name_on_facebook_mobile_app
  4. Lastly, enter your password and tap “Save changes.”

Change Name before 60 days on Facebook After Limit

As I mentioned above, After changing your name on Facebook, you may not be able to change your name within 60 days after changing one time. Facebook doesn’t allow you to use at least your previously used name instead of new name although after reading following instructions, you would be able to use your previously used profile name.

Note that you can only be able to change your previously used Facebook name, you may not be able to add a new name.

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Change Facebook Name before 60 days using Desktop Browser

  1. Log into Facebook. 
  2. Click this link; you will see a window with “Secure Your Account” message.  recover_facebook_account_from_hack_link
  3. Then, Click “Continue” button. enter_password_to_recorver_your_facebook_account
  4. You will be asked to enter your password, now enter your password. 
  5. Once you entered the password, you will be redirected to next page. recover_your_facebook_account_from_hack
  6. It the next page, select “Get Started” button.
  7. Now Facebook will automatically detect all recent changes on your Facebook account. After that, Click “Continue” button.  new_password_to_recover_your_facebook_account
  8. Enter a new password for your Facebook account. change_name_on_facebook_before_60_days
  9. Then, Facebook will show both your previously used Facebook name and recently changed Facebook Name. Select previously used Facebook Name and click “Next” button. And complete other steps.

That’s it. Now have successfully changed your name on Facebook within 60 days limit.


Change name on Facebook before 60 days limit using Mobile


Facebook Mobile Users also can change their Facebook name before 60 days limit. To do so, they only need to open this link with Facebook Application. After that, follow all above introduction on your Android or iPhone. You can use “Open Link” app to open this URL with the Facebook app. Or Mobile users also can use an Internet browser to do above task.


Final Words: Solution: how do I change my name on Facebook?

It is a complete guide to change Name on Facebook. You can use your Android or iPhone to do so. Every user can quickly change their name on Facebook although lots of people think it is impossible that changing name on Facebook before 60 days limit. Hope this article will be useful for those who wish to edit their name on Facebook again and again.

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