How To Use Yout.Com: (YouTube to MP3, MP4 Downloader, and Converter)

Are you looking for a simple and web-based YouTube to MP3, MP4 Downloader? If Yes! Then you are at right place. There are so many online YouTube downloader sites out there, but some sites do not offer the facilities we expect. So, today I am going to introduce you to a quite useful website. It is called Yout.Com. The site lets you trim, convert, and download any YouTube videos on your PC as well as Mobile and tablet devices.

This guide is provided solely for educational purposes. Please do not misuse the primary tool mentioned in this article. Downloading, reproducing, and modifying are all prohibited under YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, from a criminal standpoint, some videos with the proper licenses are legal to download. Please read YouTube’s Terms of Service for more information.


As we all know, YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform with over 1000 million monthly active users. And it provides a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media content, including music videos, TV clips and other video clips.

YouTube Offline And Its Disadvantages:

However, YouTube doesn’t allow users to download its video content largely for legal reasons, but in some cases, YouTube lets you save video content for offline viewing on your smart devices by using YouTube offline feature or YouTube Go app. Unfortunately, the offline feature and  YouTube GO app are only available in selected countries and not every video is available for offline viewing. Also, any video downloaded can only be played offline for up to 48 hours. After that, you will have to reconnect your device to the internet every 48 hours to allow the app to check for changes to the video or its availability.


Yout.Com is a pretty cool site to save videos from YouTube to your PC, Android, or iPhone devices. This web-based tool works on almost every modern web-browsers. Yout.Com lets you save any YouTube video as an MP3 or MP4 file. While you are saving a YouTube video as an MP3 on your device, you can define output quality of converted audio too. There are 3 different audio quality levels you can select from; High (256K), Medium (192k) and Low (128k.) See also: 5 of the Best Ringtone Maker From Youtube.

In addition to that, the Pro users can cut the desired part of a YouTube video and save it on their PC or smartphone as well. Apart from downloading a single YouTube video, you could also download the soundtracks of entire YouTube playlist in a flash with the help of Yout.Com. And trimming and downloading a YouTube video with Yout.Com is very simple. Let’s see how to use Yout.Com on your PC or mobile device.

How to Extract, Trim, And Download Videos From YouTube With Yout.Com

  1. Open your Favourite web browser on your PC or Mobile.
  2. Visit the YouTube website.Open YouTube in browser
  3. Play any video that you want to download.YouTube urls to mp3
  4. Place your cursor in the URL bar, delete the letters “ube” from the end of “YouTube.” [Ex:  (old), (New)]
  5. Press enter, now you will be redirected to the Yout website.Yout.Com
  6. Select either “MP3” for music only or “MP4” for video.
  7. Drag the handles to trim your output soundtrack or MP4 video if you prefer.
  8. Finally, choose the desired sound quality from the drop-down menu and tap on the “Record” button.

That’s it. Now your YouTube video will be downloaded to your local storage.

An alternative way to open a YouTube video with Yout site:

Instead of removing the letters “ube” from the end of “YouTube,” you can also search proper YouTube video by using its name or URL in’s search bar.


  • User-friendly interface and very simple to use.
  • You may be able to download TouTube videos in high quality.


  • Only pro users can choose the medium (192k,) and high (256k) quality sound profile for output soundtracks.
  • You can’t download the trimmed YouTube video without becoming a Pro user.
  • You will see some limitations when you are trying to download YouTube playlist.
  • It does not show frame preview while you are dragging the handles to select a specific part of YouTube video.

Verdict: is one of the best YouTube downloaders on the internet and it is a good alternative to It will work on both desktop and Mobile devices and very simple to handle. I hope this online downloader will be useful for you to extract and download the soundtrack of a YouTube video or download YouTube video without using any apps or software on your device.

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