Free YouTube Video to MP3 Converter Online: Download

Sometimes, we may need to convert youtube videos to mp3 format. But there are no any options to download or convert video in YouTube website or on a smartphone application.

However, some online sites allow users to convert and download YouTube videos trough online. But some are trouble to use because some websites are showing lots of ads, some are not friendly with mobile devices, and there are many other reasons like this. See Also: Best Ringtone Maker From YouTube Video

But this tricky method is working pretty well on any device such as desktop PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Etc. And you don’t need to remember this website address, not need to bookmark it or not need to copy/paste any video links. Rather than, you only need to cut some letters from YouTube URL. Also, You can get a better understand through below guide.

How to convert and download youtube videos:

The “Yout” is a free online website. It allows to convert and download youtube videos with few clicks/taps. It’s simple to use on any devices, like Windows PC, Mac, Mobile (Android, iPhone, Windows phone), tablets, and so on. If you wish to download YouTube videos, then follow the instructions below.

Download youtube videos: (Mobile, PC)

Method 1:

Step 1: First, go to the particular website using above link and paste your YouTube link on given box.


Step 2: Then make sure If MP4 (video) button has been selected. After that, click/tap “Record MP4” button. That’s it. Now your youtube video will be download to your PC (windows, mac) or Mobile (Android OS, iPhone, Windows phone).

Note: You can also cut particular part from YouTube video using Movable buttons, when above processing.

Method 2:

This is a simple process. You don’t need to copy/paste YouTube URL as I mentioned above. Rather than, cut particular letters from YouTube URL.

Step 1: Simply cut ube letters from YouTube URL. (then it will automatically redirect to Yout website)


Example: if your Youtube URL is will be like this:, After you removed the ube letters from Youtube URL it should be like this one:

Step 2: Then you can cut your video using movable buttons if you wish. after that download your videos by clicking “Record MP4” button

Convert and download: youtube videos to mp3

Step 1: Visit the Yout website using one of above method.


Step 2: Then, make sure that MP3 (music) button has been selected.


Step 3: Also you can trim video to download as a mp3, using the movable buttons that given on “Yout” website.

Step 4: Finally, click/tap the Record Mp4 button, and download it.

That’s all, it,s simple way to convert and download youtube videos to mp3 on your Android or PC

Final Thought: Is converting youtube videos to mp3 illegal?

Hope this article will be useful to the person who wish to download YouTube video, or download their favorite youtube song as mp3 to their phone or PC. Meantime, this guide mainly focuses for personal use. Please don’t use this method for illegal activities. Because Google doesn’t wish to download YouTube videos, and when you download a YouTube video for commercial purposes, it certainly should be illegal according to YouTube Terms of Service. However, if you download a video for your personal use, then it’s probably ok.

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