How To Download a Portion Of a YouTube Video – 2022 (PC & Mobile)

This article explains How to crop YouTube video and download it to your device. After reading this article, you would be able to cut the desired part of a YouTube video and save it to your smart device quickly.

Downloading a YouTube video is very simple, but when it come to downloading a portion of YouTube videos, it seems a bit strange. However, actually, downloading a part of a YouTube video is very simple than you think. See Also: How to Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

This guide is provided solely for educational purposes. Please do not misuse the primary tool mentioned in this article. Downloading, reproducing, and modifying are all prohibited under YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, from a criminal standpoint, some videos with the proper licenses are legal to download. Please read YouTube’s Terms of Service for more information.

YouTube has the few seconds long video clips as well as several hours long movies, songs, and other types of clips. Sometimes, you may want to download the whole video clip to watch a particular part of a video. It will take much time and data usage also. That is too bad, right? Don’t worry; you can learn a handy way to download portion of YouTube video, which works on PC as well as all kind of smartphones like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.

There are several web apps and Softwares available to download YouTube videos, in which some tools offer cut and trim features as well. Clipconverter web-based app is the most advanced site to cut and download a portion of YouTube a video as well as other online video clips.

Site to download portion of YouTube video:

Clipconverter is a most popular online video converter and downloader to crop YouTube video and download it. This site allows users to trim any YouTube videos right from the online. Once trimmed the video, it also lets you download output file to your Mobile or PC. Using Clipconverter cc website, you can quickly download the desired section of YouTube videos even without installing any software or apps on your device.

The best part of this free online YouTube video editor is that it helps you to download YouTube videos in all popular video formats and audio formats. The Clipconverter supports MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MKV video formats; MP3, M4A, and AAC audio formats too. So, besides downloading a section of YouTube video, you can also crop and download the desired part of a YouTube videos’ soundtrack as well. Let’s see how to download a portion of a YouTube video.

Note: This article is for educational purpose only. I don’t encourage you to download YouTube videos. And downloading a YouTube video is for the commercial use is strictly prohibited according to the YouTube Terms Of Services.

How to download a part of YouTube video (Any Device)

  1. First, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to crop and download.Copy YouTube Video URL
  2. Go to the website.
  3. Paste the copied URL into the given box, and click the “Continue” online YouTube video editor Clipconverter cc
  4. Choose the desired video format and video quality. (Once you selected an output video format, you will get the option to choose the start and end time of the portion)
  5. Set the start and end time of the part you wish to download the YouTube a specific part of a YouTube video
  6. Click on the “Start” button to process your video converter and downloader
  7. Finally, you will receive a download button to download the output file to your computer or mobile. works on Smartphone as well. So, you can also follow the above steps on your mobile phone to download a specific part of a YouTube video on your Smartphone.

Final Thoughts:

This guide explains how to download a portion of a YouTube video to your device. Although there are so many ways to save online videos on our devices, downloading a YouTube video with an online website is very simple. The new online YouTube video trimmer and downloader sites don’t require any installation (except some websites.) And they also let us download online video without creating an account.

Trimming and downloading with the Clipconverter is so comfortable than other YouTube video downloader and trimmer websites. It is also a great alternative to TubeChop site. When I tried to crop a YouTube video with Tubechop, it requires the adobe flash player to run on my browser. But Clipconverter worked without any issues on my PC as well as my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

2 thoughts on “How To Download a Portion Of a YouTube Video – 2022 (PC & Mobile)”

  1. Clip Converter is old news and it’s now functionally useless since it no longer converts 90 percent of the long videos on YouTube (in my experience) claiming they “contain music.” You can try to cut a five-minute segment of, say, an hour-long live-art performance and it says it “contains music.” It’s ridiculous.

    I came looking for a different solution, guess I need to keep looking.

  2. I dont think the author even tried clip converter. Otherwise he would know its useless. Only works on vids with no soundtrack.

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