Download SHAREit App for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac)

Do you wish to download SHAREit App for PC? if yes, then this article is completely for you. SHAREit app is one of the most popular cross-platform file transfer apps. Which is available to download for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows PC. And it is also the best alternative to Xender file transfer app.

SHAREit is well-known file transfer app among Smartphone users. accrding to SHAREit Facebook Page, wich reaches 3 million fans around the World and It allows you to transfer media files between all of your devices. Moreover, which is supports to transfer almost any type of files such as photos, videos, documents, Android app (Apk files), and so on.

The app is worked based on Wi-Fi Hotspot technology which enables to transfer files incredibly faster, approximately 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology. And it doesn’t use your Mobile data or Wi-Fi to transfer files even the app is completely free to use.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about file size; it supports to transfer any size of files without any limitation. And no matter what device is you are using, because it can transfer files between PC to PC, Android to PC, iPhone to PC, Android to iPhone and even with Windows Phone.

SHAREit App for PC

Nowadays, We are frequently using PC and Mobile phones. Actually, they are like nail and flesh which can not be separated. Therefore, the number of popular mobile instant messaging services has introduced desktop clients, and WhatsApp is also offered a desktop client to use WhatsApp on PC.

However, many of us, don’t prefer to connect PC with Mobile Phones through the Data cable to move files from a device to another device. Instead, everyone looking to transfer files without Data cable and that could take less time to transfer big files.

In this case, SHAREit has helped to us which don’t require Data Cable, Bluetooth, Mobile data, or Wi-Fi connection to transfer the files, and also you can download SHAREit App for PC using below link.

SHAREit App for PC Download Windows and Mac

SHAREit desktop software working with almost every version of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and now it is also available to download for Mac.

SHAREit desktop software is designed with simple user interface, easy to use and even it is free. The software doesn’t ask any special requirements to install on PC.

You can download SHAREit desktop software for Windows PCs using this link from its official website. If you are using Mac, then click on this link to download SHAREit for Mac.


How to Download and Install SHAREit App for PC

Step 1: Go to SHAREit official website using the link that I have provided above.


Step 2: Now click on proper download link either Windows or Mac.

Step 3: Then double-click the downloaded setup file and click on the “Accept” button.


Step 4: After that, you can install the SHAREit software by clicking the “Next” buttons.

How to Connect SHAREit PC app with Phone.

Step 1: You should have SHAREit app on both PC and Phone to connect one to another. Consequently, Download the app for your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.


Step 2: Now open the app on your phone and tap the “Avatar” icon at the top-left corner of the “SHAREit” app.


Step 3: Then open the SHAREit app on your PC. At the same time, tap the “Connect to PC” button at the menu of your Mobile App.


Step 4: After that, your Mobile app will show “Avatar” icon of your PC app and then tap it.


Step 5: Now your Mobile app asks you to enter a password, you can find it on SHAREit PC app, to find the password, click on the small arrow button at the bottom right corner of your PC app, and click “Show Character” button to view the password.


Step 6: Finally, Enter proper password on your Mobile app.



Step 7: That’s it, you are done. Now you can share files between PC and phone as your wish.



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Final words:

This article is all about to get “SHAREit App for PC.” It is an innovative way to transfer files between PC and mobile phones. Although we can’t connect an iPhone with Android via Bluetooth, SHAREit has made possible to connect iPhone with Android via Wi-Fi Hotspot technology even it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Hope this article will be useful for you, if you have any queries related to this article then leave a comment on below.


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