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Vinci app for Android: Vinci app is a Photo art app. it can turn your photos into impressive artwork within few taps. You can download Vinci for Android, iPhone, and Windows phone. It is the best alternative for Prisma application.

This app can turn your photo into beautiful art with few clicks like Prisma. It currently has about 20 photo filters to enhance your photos. Namely Sunny, Delaunay, Mystic, Kandinsky, Pin-Up, Wind, Milk, Prisma, Fire Jesus, Oil, Poster, Annenkov, Musson, 42, Modern, Sonia, Girl, Malevich, and Clouds. Every filter will give a unique art effect to your photo.

Vinci app is similar to Prisma: Simple to use

It is very similar to Prisma app. You can instantly take a picture with this app using your phone’s front or rear camera. Other than you can also select a photo from the gallery that saved on your phone. And just apply a photo filter effect from given effect. That’s it. Then, you will get your output image shortly. It may depend on your internet connection speed.


And also, this app put a watermark at the bottom of the right corner on your output image, and there is no option to remove it though Prisma has the option to remove the watermark from our photo. And you can directly share your output images through Facebook, Instagram or with any other service without exiting the app.

Vinci Photo art image

If you are looking for the best alternative for Prisma app, according to my knowledge, this app will be enough to you, Especially for windows phone users.

Download Vinci app for Android, iPhone or Windows phone

Download for Android

For iPhone from here.

Download for Windows Phone

You can watch some Vinci app effects on below video

Final words:

This App is Best alternative to Prima app. The good thing is this Photo art app run on almost all modern Smartphone devices including Windows Phone. Vinci app’s interface is similar to Prisma app. I think this app is much enough to the person who wish to get a good Prisma alternative app to their Smartphone. Hope this article will be valuable to you. If you have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment below.

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