Best Facebook Widgets for Android – 2017

Want you to check your Facebook updates right from your Android home screen? Then you can check your Facebook feeds, notification, and messages using these Android Facebook widgets. Unfortunately, Facebook no longer allows access to the news feed from external applications so that many of the Facebook widget apps have been discontinued right now, and some widgets do not work correctly. However, today I’m here with 2 of the best Facebook widgets for Android which works on your Android phone without any issues. See Also: Best Email Widgets for Android

Widget for Facebook: (Facebook NEWS feed widget)

facebook widget android

Widget for Facebook is a great Facebook Widget for Android. It is also a scrollable Facebook feed widget. You can easily check your Facebook feed right from your home screen. It provides both dark and light themes for your widget; you can select one of them through the Settings section of the app as per your liking. The Widget for Facebook features to refresh the news feed automatically; you can set a proper time frame for updating your Facebook feed on the widget automatically. Or you may also be able to refresh your Facebook feed on the widget by tapping on the refresh button at the bottom left corner of the app.

Download facebook feed widget for Android

Pros and Cons:


  • It provides a scrollable transparent Facebook widget.
  • You can adjust the transparency level of the widget.
  • Option to refresh the Facebook NEWS feed automatically and manually.



  • The widget won’t help you like, comment, or share the Facebook post right on your home screen.
  • The free version allows seeing only 5 Facebook post at once. (It will ask you to buy the full version for accessing more than 5 Facebook post, it will cost around $1.06)


Swipe Widget for Facebook:

Facebook widget for android

Swipe Widget for Facebook is a standalone Android Facebook widget app that helps you to check all your Facebook notification and messages right on your home screen. It provides three different Facebook widgets: notification, messages and dual widget. The Facebook notification widget lets you check your all Facebook notifications. And the Message Widget allows you to see all your recent Facebook chats, while the dual widget supports for both notifications and messages. Read also: How to use more than two Facebook accounts on Android.

facebook widget android download

Pros and Cons:


  • It has three free themes for the widget and many other pro themes.
  • You can choose a default app for opening Facebook notifications and messages.


  • Swipe Widget for Facebook does not provide a widget for viewing your NEWS feed.

Final Thoughts:

There are so many widgets for Android in the Google Play Store even though only a few amount of widget available for Facebook. And some of them does not work correctly. But, using 2 of the above Facebook Widgets for Android, you could check you Facebook NEWS feed, notifications, messages right from your home screen. I hope these two Facebook Widgets for Android will help for those who wish to check their Facebook activities through an Android Facebook widget.

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