Best App to Manage WhatsApp Messenger

Lock for Whatsapp is the best application to manage WhatsApp messenger. Formerly this app was known as WhatsLock. This app has many useful features to increase our privacy such as App Lock, hide friends, pattern lock, fake cover, hide the icon, photos/videos hiding feature and with many other functions.

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The free version of “WhatsLock” comes with so many features and it does not require root access to run most features. However, it requires root access to enable some features, and it also offers some features only for premium members. But, In my experience, the free version is much enough to an average Android user.

Manage WhatsApp Messenger through WhatsLock

Download And Launch the app

Step 1: Download this app from Google play store by searching “Lock for Whatsapp”, or you can download using below link (link provided end of this article)

Step 2: Once you downloaded it, Open the particular app from the app drawer.


Step 3: Now it will ask you to assign a password, then set a password to the app and launch it.


After that, WhatsLock will automatically activate itself. However, you can disable it anytime by turn switch off the button at next to the “WhatsApp” under the “Application to Lock” section

WhatsApp Lock

Once activated the “WhatsApp lock app” on your phone, It will automatically start to protect your WhatsApp messenger. That means it will popup windows to enter the password, and it will show you a fake cover when you are opening the WhatsApp every time. Additionally, you can set a password for any installed app in your phone including settings, Uninstaller, Google Play, Etc, using “WhatsLock” app.

WhatsApp Fake Cover

By the default, the WhatsApp fake cover will open whenever you are opening the WhatsApp. But someone doesn’t know how to bypass its fake cover. Hope below method will explain their confusion.

How to bypass WhatsLock’s fake cover

Step 1: Open WhatsApp, then the fake cover will open.


Step 2: Now Continuously taps the + button three times at the top of the right corner in the app.

Step 3: That’s it, now you can bypass the fake cover.

Hide WhatsApp friends

WhatsLock app allows you to keep friends secretly by hiding their profile picture. But to do so, your Android phone should be rooted. Other than you can’t access this feature.

Pattern Lock for WhatsApp

If you are a pattern lover? Are you hate to type the password? Then you can also use a pattern lock instead of password in the following method

Step 1: Open WhatsLock


Step 2: Tap pattern lock, under the Authentication Method

Step 3: Next to “Enabled Pattern Lock”, turn the switch on.

Hide iCon of WhatsLock

WhatsLock also has a feature to hide this app icon from installed app list to protect from prying eyes. You can enable this feature in WhatsLock

Step 1: Open the WhatsLock app.


Step 2: Find “Misc” section

Step 3: Next to hide the icon, turn the switch on.


Now, its app icon will hide, now you need to type your password with “#” symbol on dial pad to open the app. for example if your password is 1239 you need to type “#1239” on your phone’s dial screen.

That’s All.

Final thought

“Lock for Whatsapp (WhatsLock)” is the best app to Manage WhatsApp Messenger and must have an app on everyone’s Smartphone who wish to increase their Privacy. It also has the Drunk Mode, Quick Lock, and some other features beyond what I explained above. The free version provides limited features only, and ads supported. You can also remove ads and get a better experience with some cool features such as WhatsApp cleaner, Hide image/video, fake cover themes and so on by becoming a premium user.

Also, you can some attractive features using GBWhatsApp on Android phone such as an individual lock for WhatsApp chats, themes, Always online feature, customize tick marks and much more.

Download WhatsLock App to Manage WhatsApp Messenger using this link

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