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Prisma is the most popular photo filter app to turn photos into artwork with art filters and photo effects. It utilized the latest emergent artificial intelligence technology to allow users to transform images using preset stunning art filters. And the Prisma photo editor app comes with 50+ inspiring filters for instant photo editing. Once you have applied the Prisma photo filter effects to your pictures, the resulting image will look like the style of famous artists: Van Gogh, Levitan, Picasso, as well as world famous patterns and ornaments. See Also: Icon8 Photo Editor App For Android

How to Change the photo background in Prisma app
The latest version of Prisma app lets you change the photo background as well.

Prisma photo editor app has designed with a simple user interface and very simple to use. Previously the app requires the internet to turn images into works of art, but the latest version of the Prisma app comes with the ability to transform images into eye-catching paintings even when you are offline. In addition to that, as long as you are an iPhone user, you can turn your video into awesome artwork as well. Currently, the Prisma Android app supports only for the photos. However, there is an alternative app available for the Android users who want to transform their video into works of art.


Crop Pictures Before Turning Them Into Artwork:

Prisma app not only helps you turn photos into artwork but also it lets you crop your photos while you are transforming them into paintings. The app offers five different sizes to cut your picture and remove the unwanted part from your photo, and the sizes are; 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, and 3:4. However, if you prefer to set your artwork picture as your Facebook/WhatsApp profile picture without cropping it, then you can also use No Crop app to do so.

Download Prisma App for Android

prisma app free download 2017

Prisma app is available for both Android and iPhone for free. You can get it from Google Play Store or App Store respectively. The app will run on Android 4.1 OS and above version. At the same time, Prisma iPhone app requires iOS 9.0 or later to run on the iPhone and iPad. And if you are having problems with downloading apps from the Google Play store, then you can also grab the Prima APK file from here.

How To Use Prisma App

  1. Download the app and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the app from the app drawer.Prisma app built-in camera 2017
  3. Prisma app’s built-in camera will open, just take a new photo or import an existing photo from your Gallery by tapping on the “image icon” at the bottom left corner of the app.Crop Photos using Android Prisma app 2017
  4. Tap on the “Crop” button and crop your image if you want otherwise skip it for the original image.How to use Prisma app 2017
  5. Finally, tap on the desired art filters you want to apply to your image.


Apply Painting Effects To Photo Background

The recent version of the Prisma photo editor app comes with another cool feature that it lets users turn their photo or selfie background into paintings too. Applying the painting effect to your photo/selfie background or yourself is very simple. The app will precisely detect your face and body in the picture and will apply the style either on yourself or the background of your photo!

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How To The Change Photo Background In Prisma Photo Editor App.

  1. Install the Prisma app on your phone.
  2. Open Prisma app and import a picture from your camera roll or click one using the built-in camera.
  3. Choose the desired photo filter and apply it to your image.Prisma android app change the photo Background 2017
  4. As soon as applied the painted effect to your photo, you will see a “Portrait” button at the middle of the screen among the different options to crop and share and store.Prisma app android 2017
  5. Finally, tap the “Portrait” button to apply prima effects to your photo/selfie background. Tap it again to apply selected painting effects on yourself (Except background.)


Discover and Share Your Best Artwork On Prisma

Apart from these, Prisma app also lets you share your best artwork among millions of Prisma users from all over the world. Whereas, you may also be able to discover gorgeous pictures on your Prisma feed too, which are shared daily by Prisma users. Furthermore, you could get likes for your publications and gain followers as well. To discover and share your artwork on Prisma community, all you have to do is create an account Prisma app. You can create a Prisma account using your Facebook credential details, phone number, or email address.

Here are some amazing Prisma app images:

Prisma Wave Effect

Prisma Wave Effect

Prisma Mosaic Effect:

Prisma Mosaic Effect

Mononoke Effect:

Prisma mononoke

Prisma Dreams Effect:

Prisma dreams

Curly Hair Photo Filter:

Prisma curly hair

Comic Photo Filter:

Comic Prisma effect


Prisma Comic effect

Illegal Beauty Prisma effect:

Illegal Beauty Prisma effect


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Final Words:

Prisma is a fantastic AI-based app to transforms your photos into artwork. It offers plenty of unique photo filters to enhance your photos and make them beautiful. And the best part of this app is that it allows users to turn their photos and videos into awesome artwork even they are offline. Here I have given links to download Prisma app to your Android or iOS device. Also, you can download Prisma APK file to your Android phone by tapping on above link.

Prisma Photo Editor App For Android And iPhone (Turn Photos Into Art)
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Prisma Photo Editor App For Android And iPhone (Turn Photos Into Art)
Prisma photo editor app is the best app to turn photos and videos into artwork. Here you can download the Prisma APK and learn how to use Prisma app.
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