Prisma app for Android and iOS | Prisma APK Download links included

Recently, I saw the number of photos on social media like facebook, twitter, etc. which are created by Prisma app. This app becomes most popular within the short period.

What is Prisma app?

 Prisma is the smartphone application that comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and this app can transform your photos into paintings with stunning artworks. Also, this app has about 36 different filters to transforms your photos into artwork style of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. The app is support for photos only. However, you can give Prisma effects for your video files using Artisto app 
This app initially arrived for iOS user and Prisma still not release the stable version for android. However, we can download and install its beta version on our Android phone, and we get the same experience on it.
Update: Now you can directly download this app from Google play Store and App store. Download links are given below

How to download Prisma app to Android

Method 1:
1: Sing up for the Prisma app beta program through its home page 
2: Then, they will invite you to Android beta app.
3: After that, you can download and use Prisma on your Android.
Method 2:
Step 1: You can download its Apk file through Google Drive. To download, click here
Step 2: Once you download it, install the .apk file by tapping on it.
That’s all.

Prisma app iPhone iPad

If you are user iOS user, then you can download  Prisma the app directly from AppStore.
It’s simple to use; we can transform our photos into stunning artworks with few taps

How to use Prisma App

Step 1: Take a picture using Prisma app
Step 2: Pick a style as your wish
Step 3: Result will come shortly. Enjoy it!
This app will put watermark named, “Prisma” in every artwork. However, you can disable watermark effect through its settings page.

Prisma App Download Links

Download Prisma from here and click here to download Prisma for iPhone
Someone could think, then What about the Windows Phone users? Can’t they use Prisma? I say to them, Do not lose curiosity, there are many apps have to use instead of Prisma. You can load it on your phone and can create excellent Artwork on your phone. Additionally, you can use Telegram bot on your Windows phone, it enough to give all the Prisma filters to your Windows Phone.

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