How to reply to specific messages in WhatsApp (Group/single chat)

Now, we can directly reply to specific messages within a WhatsApp group or individual chat using this new feature. After that WhatsApp also had introduced another way that able to forward messages to multiple contacts simultaneity
According to my knowledge, there are no smartphones without WhatsApp. Am I correct? well. Whatsapp is a widely used instant messaging service. And It has updated with some cool features regularly. And this recent update will be useful for their users.

This new feature also has been introduced in the stable version of the Android and iOS version of the Whatsapp, though this was already introduced in the beta version of WhatsApp.

Additionally, when you reply to a message in a group for a specific person, it can view by any other member of the particular group. Also, you can see the “Statistics” of that reply. That means you can see who saw your response with their names.

Let’s take a look at “How to reply particular messages” and “How to know who read your response” in below

How to respond to specific messages in WhatsApp

Step 1: You must download the new version of WhatsApp, to begin this. You can use this link to download the new version of WhatsApp.
Step 2: Now launch the WhatsApp on your mobile

Step 3: Next, select a person or a group from the chat page and then long press a message which you want to reply them.


Step 4: Now you can see an arrow button top of the left corner.


Step 5: Finally, you can send the particular message through pressing the arrow button that appeared before.

How to Know who read your reply (WhatsApp group)

Step 1: It’s a simple process. First, select a message from the WhatsApp chat which you already replied to a person.




Step 2: Then tap and hold the specific message. Now you’ll see some buttons will appear top of the WhatsApp chat.

Step 3: Next, simply select the thread details button (!) from those buttons.

That’s it!

Final thoughts:

This article explains all about a way to “Reply specific messages in WhatsApp.” As well as we can get many other features on WhatsApp service about sending messages such as check mark feature to know the status of sent messages, Video editing facility when sending a video through WhatsApp, and so on. Hope this guide will be helpful for WhatsApp users. Keep share with others, write a comment below if you have any queries with this article.

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