Best cartoon picture apps for Android (Free Caricature app)

Here is a list of the best cartoon picture apps for Android. Using these cartoon picture apps, you can easily turn your photo into a cartoon.

These free caricature apps also can be used to make funny comic stickers and hilarious anime of yourself or anyone else like friends, family members, etc. Let’s see some cartoon creator app for Android below. See also: Turn Your Photo Into Art With Facebook Messenger.


MomentCam app for Android

MomentCam is one of the best cartoon picture apps for Android phone. The app lets you make yourself a cartoon with dozens of looks with just a few taps. MomentCam offers thousands of awesome backgrounds and emoticons to your caricature pictures. And the best part of this app is that MomentCam update new backgrounds, comic templates, and emotions every day. Apart from this, you can also add a custom background image for your cartoon image.

make yourself a cartoon Android phone app

With this cartoon picture app, you may also be able to create animated cartoon avatars from your pictures. In addition to that this app allows you to customize any part of your face from the rendered image. You can use face edit tool to edit your face, hair, glasses, beard and much more.

cartoon picture app for Android

This free cartoon picture app for Android is handy to use. To make yourself a cartoon with the MomentCam app, Only you have to import your picture to this caricature app. You can choose your photo from the gallery or click your selfie from the camera. Once you do that, the app will automatically detect your face and will apply the cartoon effects to your picture. Finally, you can save your caricatures to your photo gallery, or you can share them via WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Facebook Messenger, etc. By the way, MomentCam also lets you set your cartoon avatar as a WhatsApp profile picture, Facebook DP, contacts picture, wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper.

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Cartoon Face: (Caricature app)

Cartoon Face, Caricature app

Cartoon Face is another best app to make yourself a cartoon. This cartoon app has designed with a beautiful and intuitive user interface. It is free and simple to use. Cartoon face app has three modes: Mr. Dreamy, Funny, and Avatar. The Mr. Dreamy mode allows you to turn your picture into a cartoon with a colorful and various cartoon scenery backgrounds. And you can also adjust your face size and shape in the rendered image. In addition to that, you can add/change hair style, glass, text bubbles, and stamps for your cartoon avatar.

Cartoon Face app for Android

Whereas, Funny mode lets you turn your photo into a cartoon with the funny backgrounds and avatar mode helps you create cartoon avatar of yourself.

Caricature app for Android

To make a cartoon of yourself with Cartoon face app, you want to take a picture with your phone’s camera, or you can add your photo from the gallery, and then select your gender (male/female). That’s it. Now you are ready to apply cartoon effects to your picture. On the next page of the app, you can change the background of your caricatures just with a tap. You may also be able to add Supper Man, Batman, Iron man, and many other backgrounds to your pictures.

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Caricature: (Cartoon picture app)

turn your photo into a cartoon

Caricature for Android is another simple app to give a cartoon look to your photo. It is free and handy to use. The app has up to 80 men and women caricature and cartoon pictures. This caricature app also lets you add stylish and colored text to your caricature picture. In addition to that, you can also add text bubbles for your cartoon image. And the upside of this app is that it doesn’t add any watermark for your processed image. Once turned your photo into a cartoon image with this app, you can save it to your phone Gallery and then share it with your friends via Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. To get it for free, go on to the Google Play Store.

Download Caricature app:


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Final Words:

I hope these free cartoon picture apps for Android will be useful for those who wish to convert their photo into a cartoon image. And you can use all of these apps for free. If you prefer to make yourself a cartoon, then install one of above app to your Android phone and create your own cartoon avatar. Also, if you found this article is useful, then share it with your friends.

Best cartoon picture apps for Android
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Best cartoon picture apps for Android
Here is a list of the Best cartoon picture apps for Android. Using these caricature apps, you can make yourself a cartoon. (Turn a photo into a cartoon)
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