Download Mobogram APK for Android (Latest Version)

Have you heard about the Mobogram? It is a Telegram client for Android just like Plus Messenger. This Telegram modified app lets you bring some extra features to Telegram service such as ghost mode, download manager, category Chats, ID finder, etc.. In addition to that, you can use two telegram accounts on single Android phone.


Mobogram interface is just like official Telegram app although we can customize Mobogram interface with various colors and advanced themes. In the themes section, It provides some popular set of colors like purple, green, brown, black, pink, orange, red, etc.. Besides these, you can choose any of custom colors according to your convenience.

Key Features of Mobogram

File Manager


Unlike many other messengers, Mobogram has some useful built-in tools. Its built-in File Manager very helpful to use, which allows users to browse all media files at a glance. Using Mobogram’s File Manager tool, you can explore all sent and received photos, videos, GIFs, Files, links, and music. Also, you may be able to filter them according to its file type or download status (downloaded or not downloaded); Additionally, this File Manager tool allows users to view media files from an individual contact, group, super group, or channels.


Download manager


Mobgram also provides a powerful download manager. It enables users to download media files from a particular contact, group, super group, or channels. And you can also determine proper file types to download from Telegram chats. Apart from that, you can also schedule this file manager to download media files.

Category Managment


Another useful feature of this app is that you can categorize your Telegram chats according to its type. Using this feature, you can put all your “NEWS” channels into a “NEWS” category. Likewise, you create a category to put personal chats to a category. In such way, you can create an unlimited number of the category. It will help users to manage their Telegram conversation simply.

Specific contacts


Users also can able monitor a specific Telegram contact using this app. That means we can get a notification for recent changes of a Telegram contact such as online/offline status, photo changes, name or phone changes. You can access this feature through “Specific contacts” section in Mobogram.

Username Finder


You can see all online contacts at once (in one place.) And you can find people, channels, and robots with Mobogram Username Finder easily. And has a navigation bar on top just like in Plus Messenger. Using this navigation bar, you can simply navigate to personal chats, groups, super groups, channels, and bots. Also, you may able to move or remove that bar.

Ghost Mode


The best part of this app is that enable users to appear offline in Messenger as well as you can read messages without senders knowing. Addition to that, you can hide your typing state when you are chatting with your Telegram friends. Also,  Mobogram users can hide their phone number from the menu. All this privacy related features are called “Ghost Mode” on Mobogram. You can activate “Ghost Mode” through “Mobo settings > Ghost Mobe settings” section. Also, you can find a shortcut icon at the top of the app to enable/disable Ghost Mode in this Telegram mod.

Besides these, this Telegram mod offers many other cool features to Telegram users including the option to customize Passcode or Pattern Lock.


Download Mobogram APK M9.6.2

The latest version of Mobogram 9.6.2 has designed based on Telegram version T3.13.1. You can download Mobogram latest version APK file using this link. It sizes around 16 MB. This app can install all Android 4.0 and above versions. if you have trouble with installing APK file on your Android, then check out my previous article to learn to install APK on Android.

Mobogram’s default language is Persian so that after installing Mobogram app, it will open on your phone with the Persian language. Don’t worry! Watch the following video and learn how to change Mobogram language to English.


Final words: alternative to Plus Messenger

Mobogram is not a standalone app. Instead, it works based on Telegram. And it is the best alternative to Plus Messenger. These both apps are also known as Telegram mod. And it is useful for those who wish to use Telegram app with customization features. Personally, I like Ghost Mode of this app because which lets users show offline for friends even they using Telegram. Hope this article will be useful for those who wish to learn about “Whats is Mobogram?” Love to hear your thoughts about this app, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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