How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping: No crop for WhatsApp

Have you ever wondered a way to set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping them? You don’t want to get much trouble to do so. It simple! You can find an easy way to put your Images in full size as a WhatsApp profile picture / DP without cropping them.

Generally, WhatsApp profile photos seem like a Square. According to Quora answer, WhatsApp profile photo should be at least 192×192 pixels dimensions on high-end smartphones with 4-5 inches screen sizes. But it could depend on the size of Smartphone you are using. Whereas if you are using a smaller screen size of Smartphone then you can upload 140×140 (minimum) size of profile photo to WhatsApp.

However, It shouldn’t be a rectangle, if your trying to set a rectangle photo as your profile picture, unquestionably it wouldn’t happen. Although WhatsApp asks you to crop unnecessary part from your photo, you can set your full-size profile picture without cropping them using SqureDroid Android app. wich allows

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No crop for WhatsApp: Android

No need to crop your WhatsAppp Profile Picture anymore:  SquareDroid is a free Android application, which allows you to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping them. It is free to use but ad-supported, you can remove ads by purchasing PRO version. However, this app can turn your rectangle photo into the square. Also, you can apply borders to your photos with blur background, solid colors or gradient colors. Thus, the whole part of your photo will be visible to others. So, first, you should make your picture like a square and after that, you put

So, first, you should make your photo like a square and after that, you can put it anywhere as a profile picture such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Let’s take a look at how we can make our photo to the square and put them to WhatsApp profile picture.

Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping using SquareDroid

Step 1: Download and install SquareDroid app to your Phone


Step 2: Open the app and tap “Pick a Photo.”


Step 3: Select Gallery or other photo explorers from the pop-up menu and select your profile photo which you wish to set WhatsApp DP.


Step 4: SquareDroid will ask you to choose a background type for your profile picture, now choose the type of background style from the pop-up window as your wish (which will show you Color, Blur or Gradient background styles.)


Step 5: In the next step, Edit borders for your photo and tap the “Done” button at the top-right corner of the SquareDroid app.


Step 6: Finally, tap the “Save” button that you can find at the bottom right corner of the app, now select image format as JPG under the “Save format” section and tap the “Save Photo” button. (Now your photo will be saved on gallery.)


Step 7: Then Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to “Settings > Profile” and change your WhatsApp DP with created new image.

No crop for WhatsApp: iPhone and Windows phone

You can use “No Crop for Instagram” app help you to make square images on your iPhone, and “CropiPic” app lets you make full-size WhatsApp profile picture on both Windows Phone and Windows 10 PCs. Both are simple to use, and even those are free.

Download for iPhone

Download for Windows Phone and Windows 10 PC

No crop for WhatsApp DP on Windows 10 PC (Without Photoshop)

Step 1: Download above application to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2: Launch the “CropiPic” app on your PC


Step 3: Select “Album or Camera” button from the app’ main window and pick your photo from PC


Step 4: Now your picture will open in “CropiPic” app with Blur background. By default, it will apply 1:1 ratio to your image (don’t change it) and you can also customize your photo background with various background styles through “CropiPic” app, finally save it on your PC.


Step 5: Then open WhatsApp Messenger on your PC, if you haven’t WhatsApp On your Computer then you can also download WhatsApp for PC free from its official website.

Step 6: Once you installed the WhatsApp Messenger, Open it by click on its desktop icon.


Step 7: Now click the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner of the contacts list and click on Settings.


Step 8: Finally, select your profile and set WhatsApp profile picture with created image.


Did you Know? Now you can send WhatsApp GIF Image through WhatsApp , and if you wish to send your favorite music via WhatsApp to your friend, it is also possible.

Final words: No crop for WhatsApp

This article explains all about the way to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Windows PC (No crop for WhatsApp.) There are many free applications on Play store to make profile photo as a square image, but SquareDroid is a popular and handy app to do so. Hope this article will useful for you. I f you found this article is helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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