How to Automatically delete junk photos from WhatsApp (Android, iOS)

Siftr Magic is the best application to delete junk photos from WhatsApp. It is simple to use. You can remove hundreds of junk WhatsApp images with few taps on your smartphone. Siftr Magic App has designed with a simple user interface and handy to use.

Junk photos Cuse many problems

We receive a number of photos from WhatsApp friend and families through the WhatsApp messenger every day. And it was automatically saved on our Photo Gallary. Sometimes it could be increased hundreds of thousands of junk photos in our photo gallery,  and some files could save as duplicate files on Android phone. when we don’t care about it. In this case, it could cause many problems on our Smartphone such as memory dumping, battery draining, phone becoming slow and it could cause many other problems.

Delete junk photos from WhatsApp in just one tap


And some people using two WhatsApp accounts on their phone instead of one account, it could cause double their problem. So, It will be really painful for every smartphone users. And it is difficult to delete one by one. So Siftr Magic will help us to solve this bitter situation. This app is working on our phone intelligently and effectively because it can smartly separate useful photos and useless photos from your Smartphone.


Siftr Magic has a powerful engine to quickly scan your all photos from the phone. So, this app does not take a long time to scan your phone. It will take only some few seconds to scan your whole phone. Also, simple to understand the result that provided by the Siftr app because app lists all the junk photos under the suitable category of that photo such as cartoons, logos, greetings & memes, scans, comic strip, screenshot, Etc. And also it allows you to unselect photos to prevent from deleting them when you think some photos are useful.


Additionally, Siftr Magic app also helps to analyze & clean useless videos. And it is not only working as junk photos cleaner but also you can discover and share memes, jokes, greetings, comics photos within the app.

Download App for Android and iPhone

Siftr Magic app is available to download for both devices, Android and iPhone. You can download this free app from below download links.

Click here to Download Siftr Magic app for Android and click here to download iPhone.

Mirror Download Link

Closing words.

Siftr Magic is must have an app on every WhatsApp user’s Smartphone who lazy to delete useless photos from the photo gallery. And it is the perfect app to delete junk photos from WhatsApp. additionally, this app also helps us to analyze and clean junk videos. you can use this app without any restriction and even it is ad-free too. Hope this article will be useful for you. if you have any queries related to this article then leave a comment below.

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