How to Cancel Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

The “Friends” is the significant part of Facebook. If not friends then there is no Facebook in the world. It is running just like a chain with the power of friendship. Facebook users can send a friend request to a known person, whereas they can cancel sent friend requests. See Also: How to block game invites on Facebook

Sending a friend request to a known person on Facebook is a simple thing although when you tend to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook, it is little difficult to find because that the feature has hidden in the Facebook.

However, I have explained a way to see all sent friend requests on Facebook either Mobile or PC. After reading this guide, you may be able to view all of the sent friend requests and Retract them.

Why do I want to Cancel sent Friend Requests

Facebook users tend to cancel sent friend requests for several reasons. But the main reason is that Facebook doesn’t allow their users to send too many friend request to unknown persons while most people doesn’t wish to accept the friend request from strangers. Therefore, all unaccepted friend requests will collect as pending friend requests by the Facebook. And when a user has too many pending requests, Facebook assume it is a spammy account, and it will restrict or block that account.

So, Did you have to send too many friend requests to unknown persons? If yes, then indeed Facebook will restrict some features for your account soon so that you can avoid this problem by removing pending friend requests on Facebook.

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Methods To Retract sent friend requests on Facebook.

There are two types of Facebook users someone uses Facebook through PC, and someone uses Mobile. So, I have given explain for both users PC and mobile below.

How to see sent friend requests and recall them on Facebook (PC)

Method 1:

Step 1: First, Open Facebook on your PC.

Step 2: Click “Friends” icon at the top right corner of the FB web.



Step 3: Now click on “Find Friends.”



Step 4: Select “View Sent Requests” under “View Received Requests” section.

Step 5: Now you can see all sent friend requests.




Step 6: Finally, Move the cursor point to “Friend request sent” button. (A small popup window will appear. ) Then click “Cancel request” from the popup window.

Tip: Alternatively you can simply navigate to “Sent friend request” page using this link.


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Method 2:  Cancel a recently sent friend request

Step 1: Open Facebook on your Computer and go to your Profile Page.




Step 2: Click “View Activity Log.” (you will see all of your Facebook activities on “Activity Log” page such as Like, Comment, shares, sent friend request, received request, etc.)




Step 3: Now click the person name from activity log that you have sent a request already.




Step 4: Their profile page will open, click “Friend request sent” button and select cancel request.


Cancel all sent Facebook friend request at once (Google Chrome Extension)

If you are a Google Chrome user, then you can use “Toolkit For Facebook” extension to Cancel all sent Facebook friend request at once. Apart from that “Toolkit For Facebook” extension provide many features to Facebook users such as click all like buttons, invite all friend to the Facebook page, etc. So it is most useful for a Facebook user. Let’s take a look at how can use this extension to remove all sent friend request at once.

Step 1: First, Download the “Toolkit For Facebook extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click the icon of “Toolkit For Facebook” extension at the top right corner of the browser.




Step 3: Then click “Reject/Accept all friend request at once” button.




Step 4: A Facebook web page will open with the list of pending sent requests.

Step 5: Finally, click “Reject all” button from the popup window of Toolkit For Facebook.


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View and Cancel Sent friend requests on Facebook (Android/iPhone)

Method 1:

Step 1: Open Facebook app your Smartphone.




Step 2: Tap three-line menu button at the top right corner of the app.




Step 3: Select “Activity Log.”




Step 4: Choose person name from Activity log that you have already sent a request.




Step 5: Tap “Cancel Request” under the person name on their Profile page.


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Method 2:

Step 1: Open this link with your Facebook app on Android or iPhone.

Step 2: It will show all of your sent requests on a page.



Step 3: After that, simply tap “Undo” button next to the person name.


Final words: 2016 guide to cancel pending friend requests

This tutorial is all about “Cancel sent friend requests on Facebook.” It is the best way to protect your account from getting banned by Facebook. Also, you can simply identify who not accept your friend request yet, and you can recall it if you prefer. And no matter what your device is, you can perform this task on whether PC and Mobile. Hope this guide will be useful for those who wish to be away from being blocked by Facebook. or who want to identify a person who not accepts their friend request on Facebook yet. If you have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment below.

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