How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen

Do you wish to learn “How to read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen?” Hope then this article will help you to fulfill your thoughts. Previously I have written a way to “Read WhatsApp messages without senders knowing,” worth to check it out if you are a WhatsApp lover.

Facebook lets users be invisible on Facebook even they on online just like last seen the feature in WhatsApp. But there is no any built-in facility to disable seen (reading receipt) in Facebook chats or Facebook messenger.

However, we can read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen using some tricks. Facebook is mostly used by both platforms (Mobile and PC). So, I have written guide to “turn off read receipts on Facebook” For each one below.

Turn off Facebook seen feature in Desktop PC using extension

If you are using Facebook through your PC, then you can disable reading receipt by using “Unseen” extension, which lets you open Facebook messages without Being Seen. In the other word, senders cannot recognize whether if you have seen their messages or not. Unseen” extension can block typing indicator of the chat as well. Follow the below instructions to disable Facebook read receipt on your PC.

Way to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen in PC

Step 1: Download and install “Unseen” extension for your Internet browser using links below.


Add to Google Chrome

Add to Firefox

Step 2: By the default, “Block the seen feature of chat” will be disabled on the extension, you should enable it. So, Click the menu button on Google Chrome browser.


Step 3: Navigate to More Tools > Extension, Select “option” of Unseen extension. Alternatively, you can simply type chrome://extensions on Chrome’s address bar and press Enter button.


Step 4: Choose the checkbox front of “Block the seen feature of chat” in the Blocks section.

That’s it. Now you can open any of Facebook messages on your PC without being sent seen the status.


How to turn off read receipts on Facebook Messenger (Android/iPhone)

As I mentioned above, Facebook Messenger doesn’t have a built-in feature to turn off read receipts although we can follow below tricks to block sending your ‘seen’ status from being sent to them (senders.)

We can use an Android app to view Facebook Messenger chats on Android without triggering read receipts to senders. And iPhone users can use Unread” app; it is free for a limited time after that should buy it ($2.99.) Or you can install “FBMessengerUnseen” on your iPhone if your phone is Jailbroken. It is entirely free though it is impossible to install without jailbreak.

Android users also can prevent sending read receipt to senders without using an app. We will discuss each one below.

Unseen – No Last Seen Android App

There are many apps on Google Play Store to “Hide seen status from senders on Facebook Messenger,” Unseen – No Last Seen app is one of them. It is free to use. And as far as I know, Unseen – No Last Seen app is good enough for an Android user to hide “seen” status from a sender. And the Unseen app not only allows you to read the Facebook messages without seen but also it allows you to read WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber messages.

How to hide last seen on Facebook Messenger using an app


Step 1: Download the “Unseen – No Last Seen” app from Google Play Store. (Click here to Download)


Step 2: Launch the app, swipe left intro and go to the last page of the intro.

Step 3: Tap “ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY” button. (Notification access settings page will appear on your phone)


Step 4: Select the checkbox next to “Unseen” app.


That’s it. Now you could view all your Facebook Messenger chats through “Unseen” app, it won’t show timestamp to senders.


Read Facebook Messages Without Seen on Android (No need an App)


Step 1: First, Turn on airplane mode on your Phone.

Step 2: Now open Facebook Messenger and read the messages.


Step 3: Finally, tap and hold “Home” button of your phone and remove the Facebook Messenger from the Recent app list.

It’s Simple!

Final thoughts: It is Guide to Remove Facebook Messenger Timestamp

This article explains “How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen.” Facebook Messenger does not allow you to Hide seen status from senders although we can follow the any of above tricks to hide read receipt from other parties. Personally, I have tested all of above methods on my devices; all are working fine. Hope this article will be helpful for those who wish to read Facebook Messages without senders knowing on their phone or PC.

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