How To Download Facebook Videos (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone & PC)

Have you ever wondered a way to download Facebook Videos? If yes, then this guide is entirely for you. I have written several ways to download Facebook videos using your PC or Mobile phone in this article. No matter what your mobile device is! It will work Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or any other mobile devices you have.

There are a huge number of videos are uploaded every day on Facebook. And Facebook has cleverly diverted viral videos to our Facebook news feed. And also the best part of the Facebook videos is that Facebook videos are not only shared by the Business pages or public figures but also anyone can simply share their videos through Facebook. Thus, we can also watch videos of our friends, colleagues, family members, and others on Facebook.


Ways to Download Facebook Videos Using Mobile And PC

When it come to downloading Facebook videos, we can download them in several ways. There are lots of online Facebook video downloaders on the Internet, we can use one of them to download Facebook videos. Nowadays most of the video downloaders support to Mobile and PC so that you can use those video downloader on your mobile as well.

I’m recommended you to use, it’s free and there are no any restrictions. You can download videos unlimited times using As I mentioned earlier, this free online downloader works on both PC and mobile. And when you downloading video clips using this downloader, it provides both types of video format SD and HD if possible.

Before you download a video from Facebook you should get URL of that video File. You can learn a detailed article about getting Facebook URL in this guide: How to find the URL of a video


Download Facebook Videos using

  1. Get URL of your Facebook Video. 
  2. Go to website. Download_Facebook_Videos_using_Savefrom_net
  3. Paste the link on given box (download link will be created automatically.)
  4. Select video format and download.

For Facebook Mobile Users:

Download FB  videos with Mobile Browser

Another way is that Facebook Mobile users can log into Facebook using Google chrome or any other mobile devices instead of using Facebook app. In this way, users may able to directly download Facebook videos without using an app or online video downloaders. To download a Facebook video using your Mobile browser follow the below steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome or any other mobile browser on your Phone.
  2. Go to
  3. Log into Facebook with your e-mail/phone number and password. download_an_FB_video_without_using_any_software
  4. Play video which you want to save on your phone, and tap and hold it. Save_Facebook_Video_button_on_mobile
  5. Finally, select “Save video” button from the popup window.

Download FB videos using TubeMate

Besides above two methods, Mobile Facebook users can able to download Facebook videos using an app. There are several applications on the Internet to download Facebook videos but TubeMate is a well-known app to download Facebook videos. Using TubeMate, you can quickly download Facebook videos within few taps. Unfortunately, TubeMate app is not available on Google Play Store although you can download APK file of TubeMate from its official website and install it on your Android Phone. And the bad news is that TubeMate not available for iPhone and Windows Phone. Follow the below steps to Download FB videos using TubeMate

  1. Open TubeMate app on your Android phone. TubeMate_Facebook
  2. Tap menu button at the top-left corner of the app. Log_Into_Facebook_with_TubeMate
  3. Select Facebook and log into your Facebook account with TubeMate app. Facebook_Video_on_TubeMate
  4. Tap on the Facebook video you want to download. Download_Facebook_Videos_with_TubeMate
  5. Finally, select download button.


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For Facebook Desktop Users:

Download Facebook Videos using Extension

If you are a desktop user and do you regularly use your PC to explore your Facebook account? Then you can download Facebook videos using a Google chrome extension. In my experience, “Facebook Video Downloader” is a handy Google Chrome extension to download FB videos among other extensions but it is available only for Google Chrome browser. However, Savefrom net helper (Extension) will help you to save videos from Facebook to Computer if you are a Firefox, Opera, Safari, Yandex, or Chromium user. Follow the below steps to download FB videos using an extension.

  1. Install Facebook Video Downloader extension for your Internet browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Browse videos on Facebook.  Download_Facebook_Videos_using_Extension
  4. If you have a video to download on your Facebook news feed, then click Icon of Facebook Video Downloader extension at the top right corner of your Internet browser.
  5. Select Download button either SD or HD

That’s it your video file will be downloaded shortly.


Facebook Video Download Software

Do you wish to use a standalone software to download Facebook Videos? You can use Winx YouTube Downloader. It is free and simple to use. Winx YouTube Downloader lets you download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MTV, Vevo, and many other sites. And this software supports almost every types of video formats including FLV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc. And another best part of this Software is that you may able to convert downloaded videos to MP3 or any other types. Downloading Facebook videos with Winx YouTube Downloader is simple. Follow the below instruction to do so.

  1. Download and install Winx YouTube Downloader. (Download Winx SoftwareAdd_video_URL_to_Winx_YouTube_Downloader
  2. Click “Add URL” button. (A popup window will appear)
  3. Paste Facebook video link on the popup window and click Analyze button. Download_Facebook_Videos_with_Winx_YouTube_Downloader
  4. Then, Winx YouTube Downloader will provide all possible formats of your Facebook video, Select on of them and click “Ok” button.  Facebook_Video_Download_Software
  5. Finally, Click on “Download” button at the bottom right corner of the Winx YouTube Downloader software

Now, your Facebook video will save on your Computer.


Download a Facebook Video using URL Trick

If you want to download an FB video without using any software or online downloaders, there is a way too. It is easier than above methods. you just need to make a little change on your video URL. After that, you can simply download it. Learn how to download Facebook Videos using this URL trick in following steps.

  1. Copy/Get URL of the Facebook video you wish to download.
  2. Replace the www in the URL with “mbasic.”  download_an_FB_video_without_using_any_software
  3. You will be redirected to the Facebook mobile site, click Play button. Download_Facebook_Video_with_mbasic_view
  4. Right-click on the video and select “Save video as” from the context menu. Save_Facebook_Video_to_Computer
  5. Finally, select a location on your computer to save video file and select “Save” button of the “Save as” window.


Final thoughts:

Don’t think again anymore about “How can I download videos from Facebook” because this guide provides a complete answer for you. After reading this guide, you may able to save videos from Facebook to Computer or Mobile phone quickly. Personally, I like to use TubeMate application to download FB videos because it can download videos faster than a mobile browser. You can download any Facebook video for free using above tricks. Hope this guide will be useful fo those who wish to get video from Facebook to their Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, PC or any other devices.

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