WhatsApp Quote Message: How to Reply to Specific Messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Quote Message: WhatsApp has introduced quote and reply message feature on its 2.16.118 version. So, now users can quote and reply to the specific messages in WhatsApp. This feature can be used while you are chatting with a person or group of people (WhatsApp group.) See Also: How to read Whatsapp messages without blue ticks.

By replying to the individual chats in a WhatsApp one-on-one or group chat, you can simply let others know your comments for their messages quite clearly. And WhatsApp also has colored each quoted messages in a conversation to make it more beautiful and identifying the user much faster in a group chat.

Once you have quoted an individual chat in a conversation, it will show up with the original message in the chat window. And you will also see the thumbnail preview of the chat if it is an image, video, or PDF document. In addition to that, any member can see and view the quoted and replied message in a WhatsApp group. Once you have responded a message in a group, you can also be able to check whether who has received your quoted message on their phone and who has read it. The statistics will show along with the member name and the time.

WhatsApp reply feature is now available for both Android and iPhone. To get this feature all you have to do is update your WhatsApp app to the latest version. After the upgrading the app, you would be able to quote and reply message in a WhatsApp individual chat or group chat. Let’s see how to use WhatsApp quote message feature in WhatsApp.

How To Make A WhatsApp Quote Message on Android or iPhone

  1. Update your WhatsApp app on your Android (Google Play Store) or iPhone (App Store.)
  2. Open corresponding personal WhatsApp chat or Group.
  3. Choose the message you wish to quote.Long_Press_WhatsApp_chat
  4. Tap and hold on the message. (Now you will get options at the top of the screen – Star Mark, Reply, Copy, Forward and Delete)
  5. Tap on the left side arrow button to reply the particular message. WhatsApp Quote Message
  6. Type your reply message and tap on the “Send” button.

Now you have successfully quoted/replied to the particular message in the personal conversation or group.

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How to Know Who Has Read Your Quote Message in The WhatsApp Group.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap and hold on the quoted message you want to know who has read your quote message.Long_press_reply_in_WhatsApp
  3. You will see “i” (information) symbol button at the top of the screen among the different options to delete, reply, star and forward. Choose the “i” button.who_viewed_your__WhatsApp_reply
  4. Now WhatsApp will show you who has read your reply and who has received your quote.



WhatsApp Quote Message feature is one of the most quite useful features of WhatsApp because it lets express your points clearly in a conversation with another person. So, I hope this latest feature also will be useful for you too.

WhatsApp Quote Message: How to Reply to Specific Messages in WhatsApp
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WhatsApp Quote Message: How to Reply to Specific Messages in WhatsApp
WhatsApp Quote Message feature lets you reply to specific messages in WhatsApp. Now you can reply to the Individual chat on WhatsApp group or personal chat.
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