How To Create Facebook ID Card (Fake Identity Maker!) 2017

There are many websites to create Facebook id card online, but all of them I have selected a handy and safe Facebook app (Facebook id card creator) for HowToMob readers, which is called Funjaki. It is one of the best Facebook id card maker tools. This online tool lets you create Facebook id card using your PC or Mobile phone.

I had written many tips and tricks for Facebook users in my previous articles. And lastly, I had written about a way to post a blank comment on Facebook. As I mentioned above, today I’m going to introduce a fake Facebook id card creator. Using this identity card generator tool, you can make your own id card through online.

Why Do I Need To Create A Fake Facebook ID Card?

As we all know Facebook is a largest social networking site in the world. And it helps users to interact with other people easily. And we always try to make something adorable to impress our Friends on Facebook. So, this tutorial also will help you to make something new on Facebook. Let’s take a look at How to create Facebook ID Card through online with this free Fake Id Maker tool. Just for Fun!

Create Facebook ID Card using PC

  1. First of all, Log into Facebook with your Desktop Browser.
  2. Click this link (It will bring you to Funjaki Facebook app.)  Funjaki_Facebook_ID_Maker_app
  3. Now click on “Use Now” button, It will be redirected to Funjaki website. fb_fake_id_creator
  4. Then, click “Generate your Facebook ID Card” app on Funjaki site. Make_a_Fake_Facebook_ID
  5. On the next page, Click “Generate ID” button.  funjaki_facebook_app
  6. Once clicked “Generate ID” button, It will ask you to receive your profile info, Click “Ok” button and allow it.
  7. After that, a popup window will appear, click “Continue” button. make_your_own_id_card_online

That’s it. Your Facebook identity card will be created shortly. You can share it on Facebook or you can download it to your PC as a JPG image.

Funjaki Facebook id card maker will create your Fake Facebook ID along with your name, gender, location, QR code, and Fake signature of Mark Zuckerberg. So, it will look like a real identity card.


Mobile Users: (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or other mobiles)

We can also simply create a Facebook id card with our Mobile phone. But you should use a Mobile browser to create them, instead of using Facebook mobile application. And the good thing is that you can make a Fake ID card using any Mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. Let’s see how to make a Facebook identification card using your Mobile phone.

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Steps to Create Facebook Identity Card using Mobile Phone.

  1. First, go to and log into Facebook with providing your credential details. Log_Into_facebook_with_Mobile
  2. Then, Open this link with the same mobile browser.  Fake_Facebook_ID_Card_app_on_Mobile
  3. Tap on app (see above image.)  Make_Fake_Facebook_ID_Card_with_Mobile
  4. Select “Generate your Facebook ID Card” app, and tap on “Generate ID” button. Fake_Facebook_ID _Card_maker_app_on_Mobile
  5. In the next screen, it will ask you to receive your Facebook information, tap “Continue” button and go to next step.  Facebook_ID_Card_using_Mobile

That’s all. Now your FB ID card will be created shortly. You can download it to your phone by tapping on “Download” button or you can share it with your friends through Facebook.


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Final words:

This simple guide explains how to make a Facebook identification card using your Computer, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or any other mobile device. Funjaki is a best free tool to create Fake Facebook ID card through online. And it is free too! Hope this tutorial will be useful for those who wish to create a Facebook ID card for fun. If yo have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment below.


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