How to Hide Last seen on WhatsApp for a Specific contact or All contact

Have you ever wondered a way to hide last seen on WhatsApp for either a particular WhatsApp contact or all contact? This article explains everything about hiding last seen in WhatsApp. You can increase your privacy by using this built-in feature of WhatsApp. Also previously I have written an article to lock individual chat with a password in WhatsApp, it helps you to protect your WhatsApp conversations from accessing by others.

Before we are going to hide last seen in WhatsApp, it is better to learn “What is meaning of last seen in WhatsApp.”

What does the meaning of “Last Seen” in WhatsApp

“Last seen” in WhatsApp refers to “the last time the contact used WhatsApp.” Therefore, you can tell, your friend who last stayed time on WhatsApp. And you can also see last used timestamp on under the relevant contact name. In the other side, your friend also able see last stayed time of you, in WhatsApp.


Although WhatsApp offers to Hide “Last Seen” in WhatsApp, there is no way to hide “Last Seen” for a particular contact. And sometimes you may think to block a specific contact to hide last seen in WhatsApp. But it won’t be a good solution for you. Because, after you blocking them on WhatsApp, they can’t contact you through WhatsApp, anyway.

However, if it is compulsory to you that hide timestamp in WhatsApp for a specific person, without blocking them on WhatsApp, then you can use the following trick to do so.

How to Hide “Last Seen” for Saved contact and unsaved contact in WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy.


Step 3: Find “Last seen” under “Who can see my personal info.” section.


Step 4: Finally, tap the “Last seen” and select “Nobody.”


Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for unsaved contact

Step 1: Open Setting in WhatsApp.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy.


Step 3: Tap the “Last seen” and select “My Contacts.”

Now your timestamp won’t show for unsaved contact in WhatsApp.

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Hide “Last Seen” for a specific contact in WhatsApp

As I mention above, there is no way to hide “Last Seen” for a particular contact in WhatsApp. However, we can hide last seen for a particular contact by blocking him/her. Although, it is not only hide timestamp but also they can’t send messages to you, do not able to make calls through WhatsApp, he/she can not see your WhatsApp profile picture or Status, Etc. So, if you think if it is a bad idea that blocking a person on WhatsApp, then you can also delete a particular contact from your contact list and repeat the above step. (Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for unsaved contact.)


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