How to hide photos and videos on android phone

KeepSafe is the best app to hide photos and videos on Android phone. It offers many features to keep away our pictures and videos from prying eyes such as password protections, Album supports, sync features and many more.
Have you ever face a filibuster who snoops to your mobile phone every time? Keep secure your personal photos, videos, documents from those picky people with the “KeepSafe” Android application.

Hide Photos and videos using KeepSafe Android App

KeepSafe is one of the best application to hide photos and videos on our Android Smartphone. This is a favorable application with so many useful features. This application has multiple layers of security. Users can use this app as a photo storage application too. Secure your personal files using KeepSafe app and experience the benefits.

Features of the KeepSafe App

  • You can set PIN Codes and secure your files. If someone tries to enter into the app without your permission with an invalid PIN, you’ll notify about it. You can use so many benefits as fake PIN, secret door, PIN timeout, PIN themes to secure your files well.
  • Simply add your photos, videos to secure or you can move those files to your usual folder from the app.
  • Sync photos, videos, and your documents securely across your devices.
  • If you lost your mobile or weather if it’s damaged, you could recover your pictures and videos.
  • You can securely add and share your files through e – mail and pictures will disappear in 20 minutes after they received. This is a unique feature of this app.
  • Lot more customization settings and features.


Step 1: When you first Launch this app it will ask you to enter the password for this app. and it will also asking your e-mail address for creating an account.


Step 2: After that, you can import photos and videos to KeepSafe application by tapping on the “+” button.


That’s all, Now your Photos and videos are safe from snoops

You can install this Free Android app from Google play store 


This article explains about a way to hide photos and videos on your Android phone, using an application. personally, I like this “KeepSafe” application. This app has given some cool features to protect our photos and videos from prying eyes. If you found this article is useful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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