3 easy ways to get Prisma for windows phone

Do you want to get the Prisma for Windows phone? Unfortunately, the most popular photo art app Prisma does not arrive for windows phone since it introduced. However, there are many ways to use Prisma photo filters on Windows Phone.

In recent days, you might see the number of Photos on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus that are transformed with Prisma app. And it actually looks like painted by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and many others. Today I’m going to tell three easy ways to use Prisma app on your windows phone.

Ways to get Prisma for windows phone

So, you might be tried to get Prisma app for Windows phone. Although sometimes it might have been failed for you, don’t worry Windows phone guys. Today I’m going to tell 3 easy ways to use Prisma app on your windows phone. Following methods are certainly will help you to turn your photos into art using Prisma photo filters on your Windows phone.

  • Prisma Bot for Telegram
  • DeepArt Online website
  • Vinci App

 Prisma Bot for Telegram

You can use Prisma Bot on Telegram messenger. It allows you turn photos into Arts like Prisma. To do this all you need a Telegram account and Prisma Bot. No matter if have or not Telegram app on your Windows phone. You can use it in following ways.

Step 1: Download and install the Telegram app for your Windows phone or visit web version of Telegram messenger on your Windows phone.


Step 2: Now create an account on Telegram messenger using your Phone number.


Step 3: Then  search “AIprismabot” on Telegram messenger’s search box.

Step 4: Finally, click the “Strat” button and send you photos to Prisma bot.


You can get all the photo filters on this Bot that are in the Prisma app. Also, I have written about the way to use Prisma Bot on Telegram in my previous article: Get all Prisma photo filters using Telegram bot

DeepArt Online website

Deepart.io is an Online website which allows you to turn your photos into art. you can use this free online website on any device such as Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Etc. First of all, you must create an account on this website using your email address. After that, you can submit photos to turn that into an art. then they will send painted picture to your e-mail address. Also, you can store your photo on DeepArt website and access it from anywhere on any device.



For more in-depth information about DeepArt Online website I highly recommend you read this article: “DeepArt is a best Online website to convert your images into artworks.”

Vici App

Vinci app is similar to Prisma app. It has many photo filters that are like in Prisma app. This app is also woking fine with Windows Phone devices, and currently, it seems to be the best Prima alternative. Vinci is available to download for all modern mobile operating system, Android iOS, and Windows phone.


You can also read about thisPrisma app alternative through my previous article


If you are ever searching the best photo filter app like Prisma for your Windows Phone, don’t search anymore in the Google. Hope above article could be given you to a good solution to get Prisma for windows phone. Personally, I like the first method because it gives us to all the Prisma photo filters without any changes. If you are already a Telegram user, then it is even better for you. If you wish to get Prisma for Windows PC then don’t forget to read our previous article.

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