Duplicate File Finder And Deleter For Android (Photos, Videos, Musics, apps, …)

Are you searching a best duplicate file finder app for your Android phone? Well. Then I think probabely duplicate file might harm you, or you may know harmful effects of duplicate file. See Also: Duplicate Files Fixer for Android

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What are the duplicate files?

Duplicates files are similar files that are saved on particular storage either the same location or various location and also that could be saved regardless of file extension or regardless of different names.

Search Duplicate File For Android

“Search Duplicate File” is one of the best Android application to find and delete Duplicate Files from your Android phone. It could search and delete similar types files that are stored in different locations on your Android phone. And also this app allows finding same content that saved on your phone regardless of file extension or regardless of different names.

This app has a powerful search engine to find duplicate files from your Android phone quickly. So you don’t need to wait a long time until it finds them. And it also comes with a bunch of useful features. It offers to find any types of duplicate files such as photos, videos, Audios, documents, apps and so on. And you can search those files in two different way either find everything at the same time or find by particular file type, file names, or its size, etc.

Furthermore, this “Duplicate File Finder” app can search files from various storage whether Phone memory, SD card memory or OTG storages. And it has a smart selector feature. It allows you to select duplicate files from searched result to delete them quickly. And also you can individually distinguish files from searched result by using its Filter feature. Other than it offers to save search result and load it again.

This App is free to use, and it comes with a simple user interface and simple to use. However, You can get some more ideas to use this app more efficiently through below guide.

Find and delete all duplicate files at the same time

Step 1: Download this app from Google Play store (click here to download)

Step 2: Once you download it, open the app from app drawer

Search_Duplicate_Fil_ Android_App

Step 3: Then, select a storage location and tap the Scan button at the bottom of the app.


Step 4: Now it will list all the duplicate files from selected storage.


Step 5: Finally, tap the delete button. It will be deleted shortly.

Search and filter Duplicate File on Android

Note: you can also find the specific file types (images, videos, Audios, documents, and apps.) from search result instead of below method. (as shown on above image)

Find and delete a specific file type

Step 1: Open “Search Duplicate File” app on your Android

Step 2: Tap the three dotted menu button at the top of the left corner in the app.

Search_Duplicate_File_app_settings_ Android

Step 3: Select “General” under the “settings” section.


Step 4: Then uncheck the box next to the “Search for all file types” and check the box next to the specific type of file like images, videos, Audios, documents, apps, Etc.

Step 5: Then, Go to its main page and tap the Search iCon button. Now it will list duplicate files only of selected file type(s)


There are many ways to store files on our Android device. Some we have downloaded from the Internet, some we’ve got from friend’s phone, and some have come from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and such other ways. In this case, some same types of files are saved on our phone in various locations regardless of file extension or regardless of different names, without our knowledge. So, it’s eating our storage space, and it may cause many problems on our phone. At that time it’s difficult to find and delete them one by one though “Search Duplicate File” helps us to do this simply and quickly. It is the best Duplicate file finder for Android as I know.

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  1. Just published a similar application on Google Play.

    It is not so fancy as Duplicate Files Fixer, but my app is a very small size and can be moved to external SDcard to save internal storage. Please give it a try.

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