How To See What Pictures Someone Likes on Facebook

Have you ever wondered a way to see all photos someone liked on Facebook? If yes, then this article is for you. After reading this guide, you may able see what pictures someone likes on Facebook. No matter what device you are using, you can use whether Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or PC to see what pictures your friends have ever liked on Facebook. In addition to that, this guide explains to see all public photos liked by any Facebook user. Even if they’re not your friend or not a follower of the particular user.

You all know that Facebook has a Graph Search feature, which gives answers to user natural language queries. Using Facebook Graph Search feature, Facebook users may able see all liked and commented photos, videos, status updates of their friends or themselves. Moreover, it also lets users view liked photos by the year, month, or week. Let’s see how to see what pictures someone likes on Facebook.

Facebook Graph search is very simple to use. You can quickly find all photos your friend have ever liked on Facebook with a single line of command. For instance, if you would like to see all photos liked by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, then you just need to enter either of the following commands into the Facebook search box.

“Photos liked by Mark Zuckerberg”

“Photos that Mark Zuckerberg liked”

Therefore, if you wish to see every photo liked by a particular friend of you, then you should replace “Mark Zuckerberg” with your Friend’s name in the above command. You can see step by step guide below to do so.


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How To See Every Photo Your Friend Have Ever Liked on Facebook (PC/Android/iPhone)

Step 1: Log into Facebook through your computer, or log into Facebook with the Facebook mobile app if you are a mobile user.


Step 2: Type either of the following commands in the Facebook search box and replace “my friends” with your friend’s name.

  • “Photos liked by My Friends
  • “Photos that My Friends liked”


Step 3: All photos will be listed that your friend liked, click “See all” button to view all photos.

That’s all. You can perform above task on both PC and Mobile.


See What Pictures Someone Likes on Facebook In This Year, Month, or Week.

You may also be able to see all the photos liked from a particular year, month or week. To do so, you only need to change the above command as below. The following command will bring all the photos particular friend liked from this month. (Replace “My friends” with your friend’s name in the following command)

“Photos liked by My Friends that are from this month”


You may also use following generic words to filter liked photos by the date.

  • “last week”
  • “this week “
  • “last month”
  • “this month”
  • “last year”
  • “this year”

See All Photos Liked By Any Facebook User

Although Facebook Graph Search helps to see what your friends like on Facebook, it is not compatible to see all photos any Facebook user liked on Facebook besides your friends, family and significant other. That means you may not able to view all photos Facebook users liked unless friends, family and significant other. But you would be able to see what pictures people like on Facebook even if they’re not your friend on Facebook.


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How to See What Pictures Someone Likes Even If They’re Not Your Friend on Facebook

Step 1: Open Facebook on your PC or Mobile browser.

Step 2: Go to the person’s profile who’s photos you want to see whether they have liked.


Step 3: Copy their Facebook personal profile URL and paste it on the, get their personal numeric ID.


Step 4: Replace “123456789012345” with their personal numeric ID in the following URL.


Step 5: Finally, paste modified above URL in the address bar of your Internet browser.

That’s it. Using this trick, you can see all photos any Facebook user ever liked on Facebook. No matter if he/she is your friend or not on Facebook.

Also, I have tested the above trick on my PC and Mobile. It was worked fine on both devices. So, you can follow the above steps to see all photos any Facebook user have liked on Facebook using your Mobile (Android/iPhone/Windows Phone) or PC.


Bottom Line:

It is a complete guide to how to see what pictures someone likes on Facebook, even if they’re not your friend. In addition to that, You can also find out all the photos they have liked on FB by the year, Month or week. We can use our Mobile or PC to do so. Hope this tutorial will be useful for those who wish to see all the photos their friend, loved one, their ex or their boss liked on Facebook. If you have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment below.

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