How to send GIF images on WhatsApp

Update: 04 – 10 -2016: WhatsApp 2.16.293

WhatsApp finally adds support to send GIF images via WhatsApp without cropping video files. This feature added on WhatsApp 2.16.293, so you no longer need to crop videos to send a gif image. Instead, you can attach any animated Photo from your gallery just like attaching a video or image.


Back in August 2016, WhatsApp has introduced this feature on “WhatsApp v2.16.242” but it doesn’t support to send a GIF image directly. However, the latest version of WhatsApp 2.16.293 let users send an animated GIF image directly.



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WhatsApp has stored all received and sent images to “WhatsApp Animated” folder, you can explore them through Gallery or use a File explorer like ES File Explorer.

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August 25, 2016, WhatsApp v2.16.242

Now you can send Gif images on WhatsApp. This cool feature is rolling outs on its beta version (WhatsApp v2.16.242). If you are a beta tester of WhatsApp, then you can download it directly from Play Store or download WhatsApp APK file from the below link (You can find download link end of this article). However, this feature is not rolling out for other platforms yet including the stable version of Android. Thus need to wait, patient all WhatsApp users who use WhatsApp on PC, iPhone, Windows Phone, Etc.

WhatsApp doesn’t directly support to send GIF images. However, you can send GIF images via WhatsApp messenger whether you can convert an existing video to GIF image which was in your gallery or recording a new video and converts it to a GIF image. Additionally, you can also forward particular GIF image for other WhatsApp contacts at once. Whatever this feature is not easy to find in its latest version. Moreover, WhatsApp supports to only video files that as long as the length is 6 seconds or less. So, let’s take a look how we can get this feature on WhatsApp.

Note: This feature doesn’t work when you have downloaded or updated your WhatsApp from Google Play store because the latest version is not updated on play store yet. So download WhatsApp APK from below link.

TIP: You can use Google Advanced search feature to finding GIF Images for WhatsApp. Learn a way to find Animated GIF image via Google through my previous article.

How To Send Gif images on WhatsApp:

New Method: (Android & iPhone)

  1. Make sure if you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp.
  2. Open WhatsApp from the app drawer, and select a contact you want to send a GIF image.
  3. Tap Attach button at the top right corner of the app, and select Gallery icon.
  4. In the WhatsApp media browser, swipe to the left and go to the GIFS tab.
  5. Select a GIF image and tap on the send button.

That’s it. Your GIF image will be sent to the recipient.

Old Method:

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp Apk file (Download link has given below) or Get the WhatsApp beta APK 

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and select a WhatsApp contact or group which you wish to share a GIF image.


Step 3: Tap on the attachment icon at the top of the right corner and either select camera icon and records a new video or tap the Gallery iCon and select a video file from the Gallery app.


Step 4: Now video editing window will appear on WhatsApp as usual. then move the crop button until 6 seconds or less.


Step 5: When your video file is meet 6 seconds or less then you will see a video iCon button at the top of WhatsApp chatting window then tap on it.

Step 6: Finally, tap the send iCon button. That’s it.

Download APK from APK Mirror or join with play store beta program

Final thought:

This article is the simple guide to “send Gif images via WhatsApp”. You should download and install the WhatsApp Apk v2.16.242 or above version on your Android phone to get this feature. Hope this new feature will make happier who are the big fans of GIF images and WhatsApp. If you found this article is useful, then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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  1. Gif images on WhatsApp. Do they consume data and battery power even when not opened after downloading? How much drain on data and battery compared to static images?

    1. Hi, Manoj.
      WhatsApp doesn’t send a GIF images as a GIF Image. Instead, it converts GIF to Mp4 although it behaves like a GIF. It is more data friendly. Don’t want to get much worry about “Mobile data.”

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