Best Android app to trim and convert audio video files

Tired of searching for an audio file when you already have the video file. Hereafter you don’t need to worry. The solution was here.

Video to Mp3 app lets us trim and convert audio, video files

The “Video to Mp3 Converter” is an android application which can convert video files to audio files. This is an all in one music tool.

It designed with an audio cutter and with a video cutter too. It comes with simple options for a normal user and with advanced options for an advanced user.
You can make ringtones from one of your favorite song using the audio cutter and you can make video clips by video cutter

Steps to convert a video to audio on Android

Step 1: First download and install the “video to mp3 converter” app from this link
Step 2: Tap the “video to audio” on the app’s start page. Then the app will list all of the video files which are in your phone.
Step 3: Next, select a video file to convert. Then it’ll provide you two different modes to select. First one is ‘simple mode’ and the other is ‘advanced mode’. Are you confused with this two different options? Don’t worry, select the simple mode and go to next step. At the same time you can select the mp3 file format or aac file format.
Step 4: Finally click the ‘convert’ button.

How to trim a mp3 file on Android

Step 1: Download the “video to mp3 converter” by using the above link.
Step 2: Tap on the audio cutter which is shown on start page.
Step 3: Now the app will list all the audio files which are in your device. Then select the audio file which you want to trim.
Step 4: once you select a track, it’ll appear in waveform analyzer and there are two sliders to make a cutout selection. And also you can zoom in and zoom out by using the “+-” buttons which are at right corner of top.
Step 5: Finally you can save trimmed audio file by clicking the save button.
How to trim a video file on Android
Step 1: After installing the above application to your device, tap on the “video cutter” which shown on the start page. Then select a video file to trim.
Step 2: Now the selected video will play through the app. After that, you can see two arrow buttons at bottom of the left corner as shown below.
Step 3: Now you can cutout the necessary part from your particular video file and tap on the “video cutter” button at the bottom of the right corner.
Video file trimming completed. Now you can find the converted video from output folder on your app’s start page.

Features of the video to mp3 converter.

  • This application provides a simple interface for the user.
  • It won’t get too much time. So you can experience a fast conversion.
  • you can convert file formats such as wmv, mp4, 3gp, flv, avi, etc.
  • You can make ringtones by using the audio cutter and the fast video cutter will help you to cut videos easily.
  • There’s a simple and an advanced mode mp3 conversion for advanced users.
  • You just need to tap once to play the music files.
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