Best Twitter Widgets for Android – 2017

Here is a list of the best Twitter widgets for Android. These Android Twitter widgets help you to explore your Twitter feed without opening the app. And you could see various types of Twitter widgets below such as light, dark, scrollable, transparent, small, large, simple, colorful, and so on. Let’s see the best free twitter widgets below. See also: Best Free Facebook Feed widgets for Android.


Plume for Twitter: (Best Twitter Feed Widget)

best twitter feed widget for Android

Plume for Twitter is the best Twitter client app for Android. You can use this app as your primary Twitter app, and even it offers several Twitter widgets for Android along with the various features. Plume for Android app has the Android Twitter widget in 5 different sizes; the sizes are 4×1,  2×1, 4×2, 4×3, and 4×4. You can add any of them to your home screen. While you are adding a widget to your home screen, the app will ask you to configure the widget. So, you can determine how it should appear on your Android home screen.

Plume for Twitter allows you add three different column on a twitter feed widget, and where you could view your Twitter timeline, mentions, and direct messages. Also, this Android Twitter widget features the option to add a non-scrollable or scrollable twitter widget on your home screen. In addition to that, each Twitter feed widget has the compose tweet, refresh, and search tweets buttons as you can post a tweet, refresh your Twitter feed, or search the tweets right from your home screen quickly. Plume for Twitter has an unread count twitter widget as well. So, want you get this twitter widget for Android, then simply head over to the Play Store to try it out.


UberSocial for Twitter: (Colourful & Scrolling Widget)

best twitter widget

UberSocial for Twitter also a 3rd party Twitter app. It provides scrollable twitter widgets from small to big sizes which include three twitter feed widgets and one twitter shortcut buttons widget for tweeting and viewing the mentions & messages. Each Twitter feed widget comes with a refresh, mention, messages, and search buttons, even it has a button for posting new tweets. You may also change the look and feel of this widget by changing its color, layout, font size, font style, etc. Moreover, the UberSocial app shows the notification with the sound, and you can change the notification sound with a different ringtone, or you could disable the notifications if you prefer.


TweetCaster for Twitter: (Transparent Twitter Widget)

best twitter widget android Tweetcaster

TweetCaster for Twitter is also a popular third-party Twitter app. The app comes with a beautiful and intuitive user-interface. TweetCaster provides two different twitter widgets for android phone. One is Twitter post widget which lets you quickly post a tweet right from your home screen, even without opening the app. The other is scrolling feed twitter widget. This scrolling twitter widget helps you to view your Twitter feed and mentions. Furthermore, it provides an option to choose a custom transparency level as you can add a transparent twitter widget on your home screen as well. By the way, you could also select either the light or dark theme for your widget if desired.


Porch free twitter widget Android

The Porch is a standalone Twitter widget for Android. Once you chose this free twitter widget through the widget section, It will add a beautiful twitter widget on your home screen. The Porch is also a transparent and scrollable widget. By default, It will show your twitter feed on your home screen without images and user avatars. However, if you prefer to see your Twitter news feed along with the pictures and user avatars, then you can also configure the app to show the images and avatars on the widget.


Twitter: (Official and Simple Twitter Widget)

android twitter widget

The official Twitter app also provides a pretty simple twitter widget for Android. It comes with a light theme and a simple user-interface. Also, It offers the widgets in the two different sizes; small and large. The large twitter widget is scrollable, while the small widget displays the one tweet at a time. You can add these widgets as a twitter feed widget or Twitter mention widget. Even though the widget is simple, it doesn’t allow users to change the default color of Twitter; even it does not feature transparent effect. The official Twitter app comes pre-installed on some devices, and you can also get over to the Google Play Store to install it if your device doesn’t have it. See Also: Best mail widgets for Android.


Final Thoughts:

This is the list of the best free Twitter widgets for Android. Using these free Android Twitter widgets, you can simply view your Twitter feed, mentions, and notification right from your home screen. If you are an official Twitter app user, then you can use simple twitter widget of the official app without installing any third-party app on your phone. Want you to use a colorful or transparent twitter widget on your Android? Then you can give a try to third-party twitter apps I mention above. You can recommend any other twitter widgets for Android in the comments section below!

Best Twitter Widgets for Android - 2017
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Best Twitter Widgets for Android - 2017
Here is a list of the best free twitter widgets for Android including scrolling widget. These android twitter widgets let you view your Twitter feed.
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