How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp (Android & Windows)

Want you to type in Tamil in WhatsApp? Want you to update your Facebook status in Tamil, Want you to compose an email in Tamil language using your Android smartphone, tablet, or PC? Then, you are in the right place. See Also: 5 of the Best Tamil Keyboards for Android.

This guide explains how to type in Tamil in WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, or any other app using your Android phone or PC. After reading this guide, you would be able to type any Tamil words in WhatsApp quickly. And this guide not only for Android smartphone users but also for those who uses WhatsApp on PC.

We can easily type any English letters on any devices, even if it is an old mobile phone like Nokia 3310, 1100, 1110, etc. But when it come to some other languages, it is a little arduous task. However, the modern smartphones have made it simpler than ever.

With the help of the smartphone applications, we can experience a bunch of features on our smartphones. In that respect, we can also use an app to type our native language on our mobile phone.

There are so many applications on the Google Play Store to type the Tamil language, but only some apps fulfill user’s needs. The Tamil keyboard applications use several input methods to convert English letters to Tamil.

Murasu Anjal, Tamil99, and English are the most common keyboard layouts of an Android Tamil Keyboard app. Typically, most Android keyboard apps use multiple keyboard layouts to type Tamil on Android phone or PC.


Google Indic Keyboard for Android

As far as I know, Google Indic Keyboard is one of the best Android keyboard apps to type Tamil on Android. Using this free keyboard app, you can simply type Tamil in WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, or any other application on your Android phone. See Also: How to type in Hindi on Android.

The app also supports different modes of input to type Tamil on Android mobile. You can use any of them to type Tamil on your phone as per your liking. But the Transliteration method is much friendly to type the Tamil language on our mobile phone, which converts English letters directly into corresponding Tamil letters. So, you can quickly type the Tamil language on your smartphone. Let’s see How to type Tamil in WhatsApp.


How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp on Android

  1. Download and install Google Indic Keyboard app on your Android.
  2. Open the app from the app drawer.Google Tamil input method for android
  3. On the app’s main screen, tap on the “Enable in settings” button.How to use Google Indic Keyboard
  4. Enable the Google Indic keyboard by choosing the checkbox next to the “Google Indic Keyboard.” (on some Android phones, you could see the “Switch on/off button instead of the checkbox)tamil input method for android
  5. Then, tap the “Select Input Method” button on next screen, and choose the “English & Indic Languages” keyboard.How to set up Google Indic Keyboard
  6. On the next step, select the “Accept” checkbox if you agree to send anonymous usage statistics to Google, or ignore it and swipe left.Google Indic Keyboard for Android
  7. Now, tap the “Additional Languages” option and turn on the button next to the “Tamil & English” input method.type in tamil in whatsapp
  8. Open WhatsApp and tap the message box where you want to type Tamil, (Google Indic keyboard will pop up)english to tamil transliteration keyboard app for Android
  9. You will see the “Indic languages” button at the top of the keyboard., tap on it and select the “Tamil தமிழ்” language in the pop-up window.Android Tamil Keyboard app
  10. Finally, choose transliteration or Native keyboard mode to type Tamil. (You can change the keyboard layout later.)



Transliteration mode (English to Tamil) – once you selected the Transliteration mode in the Google Indic Keyboard, the English letters will automatically convert into corresponding Tamil letters. (Amma => அம்மா)

Native keyboard mode – Native keyboard mode will show the native scripts on your keyboard so that you can type the Tamil language by tapping on native letters you want. (அம்மா)


Google Input Tools For PC:

You all know that WhatsApp also can be used on Windows PC. So, if you prefer to send the WhatsApp messages in the Tamil language while you are using WhatsApp on your PC, then you can simply type Tamil on your PC using Google Input tools. It is available for Chrome, Android devices, and Windows. And the Google Input Tools works on almost every version of Windows such as Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

Besides the Tamil language, Google Input Tools also helps you type more than 20 languages on your PC including Arabic, Bengali, Persian, Urdu, Gujarati, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, etc. Also, it is free to use and simple to switch from one language to another language quickly on Windows PC. Let’s see How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp on Windows PC.

Steps To type Tamil in WhatsApp on PC (English to Tamil Transliteration)

  1. Visit this site and select the Tamil language from the given languages list. tamil typing software free download for windows 10
  2. Select “I agree to the Google Terms of Service” checkbox and click the download button.
  3. Install the downloaded software on your PC. Type Tamil in Windows PC
  4. Once installed the Google Input Tools on your PC, you will see the “Switch Language” button at the right corner of the taskbar, click on it and choose the Tamil Language. How to type tamil in WhatsApp on PC
  5. Finally, Open WhatsApp on your PC and type WhatsApp messages in Tamil.


Final Words:

This guide explains an easy way to type Tamil in WhatsApp on Android or Windows PC. To type Tamil on Android, Google Indic Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android because it helps users to type in Tamil using English keyboard layout. (Transliteration method) Whereas, Google Input Tools is the best choice for Windows PC users to type Tamil in PC quickly.

How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp
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How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp
Learn How to type in Tamil in WhatsApp on your Android or Windows PC. This Android keyboard app lets you type Tamil words in English (Transliteration)
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