How To Use Hike Stickers In WhatsApp (With Pictures)

Have you heard about Hike messenger? Maybe you have heard of Hike. It is one of the best instant messengers in the world. It is almost similar to WhatsApp messenger. And it also provides some attractive features which we can’t find in WhatsApp. Many users prefer Hike because of its awesome sticker options. As long as you have installed Hike on your mobile, you can use Hike Stickers In WhatsApp. See Also: Send Animated GIF Stickers through WhatsApp

When it come to Hike stickers, it provides a bunch of free stickers in various categories such as love stickers, regional stickers, actors/actress stickers, funny stickers, and much more. In addition to that, you can find stickers in your native language, which will make your conversion more meaningful. Hike lets you send stickers in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, and many other Indian languages.

So, do you like to use hike stickers in WhatsApp? Then, Hike also allows you to use them in WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Line. You can find an option in the Hike Messenger which called “Stickey,” it allows users to get Hike Stickers for WhatsApp and other messengers. Therefore, first, you need to enable the Stickey function in the Hike if it is disabled. Stickey is enabled by default in the Hike messenger, although you can enable or disable it in the following way. (Show/Hide Hike icon from the WhatsApp main screen)

How To Enable/Disable Stickey Function In the Hike

  1. Open Hike messenger.
  2. Tap the smiley face icon at the right bottom corner of the app. Hike_Settings
  3. After that, tap the Settings icon at the top-right corner.  Hike_Stickey
  4. Go to the bottom and select Stickey in the settings section.  enable_stickey_in_hike
  5. In the Stickey section, Switch on/off the button next to “Select all.”

That’s it.

Note: Make sure if you have selected check box next to WhatsApp.

Hike Stickers for WhatsApp

Once you enabled the Stickey Function in the Hike Messenger, you may be able to send Hike stickers in the WhatsApp. And you can access all the stickers of Hike from the WhatsApp and other messengers without any limitation. And you should know that in fact, WhatsApp doesn’t support stickers. Alternately, it attaches images to your WhatsApp messages, but it seems to be an actual sticker. Let’s see how you can get Hike Stickers for WhatsApp.


Steps to use Hike stickers in WhatsApp

  1. Download Hike for your mobile. (Android/iPhone)
  2. Enable Stickey Function In the Hike if it is disabled. Hike_stickers_for_WhatsApp
  3. Open WhatsApp messenger, and tap the Hike bubble from the screen.  multiple_WhatsApp_contact
  4. Select a Hike sticker you want to send.
  5. Select one or multiple WhatsApp contact/Group from the “send to” window.  hike_stickers_in_whatsapp
  6. Finally, select send button.  Send_Hike_Stickers_in_WhatsApp

That’s it. Now, Hike sticker will be sent through WhatsApp. Enjoy!

There is another quite useful mobile app to send GIF stickers via WhatsApp. Are you interested in getting to know about the app? Then don’t forget to check this post: Animated Sticker App

Final thoughts:

It is a complete guide to getting hike Stickers for WhatsApp. Hike offers dozens of beautiful stickers for their users in the various categories; even it is completely free. After reading this guide, you would be able to use all of those stickers in WhatsApp. You can Personally, I like to use Hike because of its impressive sticker collections. And I also send Hindi and Tamil Hike Sticker for my friends through WhatsApp and Viber with the help of Hike Messenger. Hope this article will be useful those who wish to send stickers on WhatsApp. If you find this article is useful, then don’t forget to share with your friends.

How To Use Hike Stickers In WhatsApp
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How To Use Hike Stickers In WhatsApp
Learn How To Use Hike Stickers In WhatsApp messenger through this article. Hike's Stickey feature allows users to get Hike Stickers for WhatsApp.
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