Download WhatsApp Latest Version APK for Android (Beta or Official)

Do you want to download WhatsApp latest version for Android? well. I have provided links and guide to you. Previously I have written an article to download WhatsApp for Windows PC. In this article, I’m going to explain “way to download WhatsApp latest version” for your Android Phone.

Usually, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use an older version of WhatsApp application. WhatsApp will show an error message when you are using an old version of WhatsApp application as shown the image below.


Consequently, there are several ways to update WhatsApp application. Commonly, Android users can update WhatsApp app directly through Google Play Store, and by the way, users also can update WhatsApp app using the latest version of WhatsApp APK file. Furthermore, you may also be able to register WhatsApp beta program if you are an Android user or Windows Phone user. The beta version of WhatsApp lets you access the upcoming features of the app although it could cause some crashes or bugs on your phone.

How do I know the version number of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp pushing updates to WhatsApp application with a unique version number. For example, WhatsApp recently introduced send Animated GIF images on WhatsApp in 2.16.293 version of the app. So, if you can’t find an option to send GIF files on your WhatsApp app, then you can check the version number of your WhatsApp application in following way.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Tap three-dot menu button.


Step 3: Navigate to “Settings > About and help.”


Step 4: Finally, select “About.”


That’s it. Now you will see the version number of installed WhatsApp app.


How do I know If My WhapApp app is old?

Generally, WhatsApp will notice you automatically when your WhatsApp is running with an old version. However, you may able to check it manually through Google Play Store. Follow the below instructions to check if your WhatsApp is older or newer.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store.

Step 2: Search WhatsApp application.


Step 3: Now you will see “Update” button if your WhatsApp is old. Or If your installed version is the latest version, then you will see “Open” button instead of “Update” button.


How to download WhatsApp latest version

Android users can update their WhatsApp application via Google Play Store when they need. It is simple and recommended method although you can sign up on Google Play store to access the beta version of WhatsApp which lets you obtain upcoming features of WhatsApp before its official release, by the way, you can download APK file of WhatsApp beta version from WhatsApp official website or APK Mirror website.

Update WhatsApp app through Google Play Store:

Step 1: Open  Google Play Store.

Step 2: Search “WhatsApp.”


Step 3: Tap “Update” button.


How to get WhatsApp beta version:

Step 1: First, Click here and Sign up for beta access on Google Play.


Step 2: Then update your WhatsApp application.


Update WhatsApp app without using Google Play Store

You can download APK file of official WhatsApp using an APK Downloader websites, or you can get APK file of beta version WhatsApp via WhatsApp official website or APK Mirror website. I have provided links to download both WhatsApp official version and Beta version below.

Download official version APK from APKpure

WhatsApp Beta version APK


WhatsApp Website:

APK Mirror:

Do you have any problem with installing APK? Then you can read my previous article to learn “How to install APK” on Android Phone.

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Final Words: Bring WhatsApp upcoming features today!

It is a complete guide to getting WhatsApp latest version for your Android Phone. I have explained several ways to download WhatsApp latest version to your Phone in this article; you can choose any of these methods. IF you wish to use upcoming features of WhatsApp before its official release, then you should use Beta version of WatsApp. However, beta version could have some bugs. Hope this article will be useful for you and If you have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment on below.

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