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There are many mods Available for WhatsApp. But GbWhatsApp is well-known and popular WhatsApp mod for official WhatsApp application. Gb WhatsApp lets you get all the features of WhatsApp. And it offers lots of additional facilities than usual WhatsApp application. Recently, GbWhatsApp 5.50, the latest version has released for Android phones. You can download the latest version APK of GBWhatsApp from the link below.

Sometimes you would not have been heard about Gb WhatsApp though it is a most popular mod version of WhatsApp. It allows you access some cool features such as Dual WhatsApp accounts, Hide last seen for specific contacts, in-built Lock facilities for WhatsApp, Themes features, customizable tick marks and much more.

GbWhatsApp will be most useful for all WhatsApp users, and it will be much better for the person who is using the dual SIM mobile phones. Because they can use another WhatsApp on their Android phone without any problems.

Key features of GB WhatsApp

Dual WhatsApp account:

Nowadays, many people are using Dual SIM smartphones, and some wish to manage two different WhatsApp accounts on their Phones. In this case, GB WhatsApp will help you to access two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. No matter how your phone is, it will work on both Single SIM phones and Dual SIM phones.

Hide “Last Seen” For Particular Contact:

The last seen feature will show our last WhatsApp logged-in time for others, but if you do not wish to share your last login time with others, then WhatsApp has a feature to hide your “Last Seen” status from others. However, WhatsApp allows you to Hide “Last Seen” for all contacts on WhatsApp at a time, and it does not support a specific contact. But GBWhatsApp lets you Hide “Last Seen” for a Particular Contact In WhatsApp.

Option To Set A Theme For WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp themes

Unlike the official WhatsApp application, GBWhatsApp has plenty of themes to customize the WhatsApp interface. According to your wish, you can apply a light, dark, or colorful theme to your WhatsApp interface for free.


All GBWhatsApp themes are updated by GBWhatsApp users on a daily basis and you can also submit a theme for GBWhatsApp if you prefer.

How To Set a Theme for WhatsApp

  1. Download and install GBWhatsApp on your Android.
  2. Open the app from the app drawer.
  3. Tap the “thee-dot” button at the top right corner of the app.
  4. Choose “GB Settings” and tap on the “Download Themes.”
  5. Finally, tap on the “Apply” button next to the theme you wish to add to your GB WhatsApp interface.

GBWhatsApp v5.50 Latest Version (21-4-2017)

The latest version, GBWhatsApp v5.50 has been updated based on WhatsApp 2.17.107. this version includes the ability to hide chats and the option to save status and stories on WhatsApp. And I also found another small change on the GBWhatsApp v5.50 latest version that now you can change the color of the recent status bar and text too. You can download GB WhatsApp 5.50 from the below link.

Version 5.10 (December 5, 2016)

GBWhatsApp 5.10 has been built based on official WhatsApp 2.16.352. As I told you earlier, the latest version of GB WhatsApp comes with the ability to make WhatsApp video calls. And you can also set up Two-step verification in the GBWhatsApp v5.10. Another significant update of GBWhatsApp 5.10 is that now you can also create a WhatsApp group name with 35 characters instead of 25 characters. These are the important updates of the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

Version 5.00  (14-November-2016.)

GBWhatsApp 5.00 has been updated based on the official version v2.16.310 (14-November-2016.) But WhatsApp.Inc now officially introduced a video calling feature on their service. There are no words about the video call feature on GBWhatsApp 5.00 although I hope we can get a video call feature on the next update of GBWhatsApp. You can see some new features of GB WhatsApp 5.00 below.

  • Able to send Audio files up to 100MB instead of 16MB.
  • Edit photos with emojis and texts (doodle feature.) see_Online_status_from_main_screen_on_WhatsApp
  • Able to see contact status on the Main screen. (online or Elapsed time instead of Last Seen)
  • You can change the color of the group name while you are forwarding a message.
  • Bug fixes.

Other facilities of GB WhatsApp:

  • You can forward WhatsApp messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • Able to edit Images before sending them.
  • You can send GIF pictures via WhatsApp.
  • Able to mention anyone in the group.
  • A feature has been added to zoom in and zoom out when you are recording a video.
  • Customize tick marks facilities
  • Write status in 250 characters instead of 120 characters
  • Multiple language support
  • Ability to copy status to clipboard
  • You can send any type of documents via WhatsApp
  • Lock WhatsApp without using any third-party applications.
  • Can lock individual chat on WhatsApp
  • Translate messages without using any third-party apps
  • Directly search images on the web and send them to any contacts or groups without exiting the current app
  • It has a feature to copy phone numbers the from contacts
  • You can send big video files up to 30 MB to your WhatsApp contacts instead of 16 MB
  • Ability to disable WhatsApp calls
  • Always online feature even your screen is off
  • You can send more than ten photos simultaneously from Gallery

Besides these, you can find many other features on GBWhatsApp. Let’s take a look at how to install GB WhatsApp on Android phones.

GBWhatsApp Download and install: Latest APK for Android

(Along with official WhatsApp)


Step 1: First of all, Download GBWhatsApp APK (Download Links are given below)


Step 2: Tap the downloaded APK file and open it. Sometimes your phone will show you to an “Install blocked” message (shown in the above image)


Step 3: To bypass it, go to the “Settings > Security” page and check the box next to “unknown sources.”


Step 4: Install GBWhatsApp by tapping the Install button.


Step 5: Once you installed the app, open it from the app drawer and tap the “Agree and Continue” button.


Step 6: Finally, Enter your phone number and create an account on GB WhatsApp. That’s it. Now you are unlocked most features of WhatsApp.

Install GBWhatsApp without losing previous Chats

(Replace the official WhatsApp)

Have you decided to install GBWhatsApp instead of official WhatsApp and maintain only one account on your Android Phone? Then you can also replace GBWhatsApp with official WhatsApp without losing previous chats including photos, videos, voice recordings, etc. To do so, follow the below instructions


Step 1: Open WhatsApp messenger.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and now tap the “BACKUP” button.


Step 3: Then uninstall your WhatsApp application and install GBWhatsApp using the above link (when you install the mod WhatsApp, it will ask you to restore backup chats, you can simply restore your previous chats by tapping on the “RESTORE” button.)

You can also get in-depth information about Backup and Restoring WhatsApp messages through my previous article.

TIP: If you wish to get upcoming features of the official WhatsApp, then give a try the beta version of the WhatsApp application.

GBWhatsApp 5.50 Download Links:

Google Drive (V5.50)

Final thoughts:

This article is all about the “GbWhatsApp download and installation, “ and I have provided the GbWhatsApp download links above (v5.50 APK.) Download it and unlock all the amazing features of WhatsApp. This app allows you to use another WhatsApp account on your Android phone too, and it gives many other attractive facilities. If you have any issues when you are downloading or installing this WhatsApp Mod, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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