How do you know if someone blocked on WhatsApp

If you consider I have blocked on WhatsApp by my partner and you wonder a way to identify them, then I hope this article will help you to recognize them. I wish to share some useful tips and tricks to identify that person who blocked you on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger is widely used messaging service. We can use it on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows PC (WhatsApp web and Software), Mac OS and even we can access it through the online web app without using any software, this is one of the reasons why most people still loving this messaging platform.

WhatsApp has many features within the app to access as their user’s wishes. And WhatsApp also allows users to block their friends, family members or another person to avoid receive messages from them. But WhatsApp doesn’t notify you when someone blocked on WhatsApp. However, we can identify it from below methods, and if all the following methods are matched with your WhatsApp account, then you can confirm it if you blocked by him/her.

What Happens when someone blocked on WhatsApp

You can’t see him/her last online stayed time on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Last seen time
You can see “Last seen” time under the profile picture

WhatsApp has an option to view last online stayed time of your WhatsApp friend. That means you can tell last WhatsApp used time of your friend or another person who have in your WhatsApp contact. but if he/she has blocked you then you can’t view their Last seen time.

However, this reason not enough to get a decision because WhatsApp users can disable this feature on WhatsApp to increase their privacy or any other purposes. Therefore, when they are using this feature you no longer able to view their last seen time.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to see updates to a contact’s profile photo


We well-known every WhatsApp users can use a profile picture on WhatsApp to easily identify them by their friends. But if someone blocked you on WhatsApp, then you can not view their Profile picture. However, only this reason is not enough to decide him/her blocked you. Because who might delete their profile picture or users also can use WhatsApp without using a Profile picture.

Can’t make calls to them through WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers to make voice calls with your WhatsApp friends. However, if he/she blocked you on the WhatsApp, then you no longer able to make calls to them. But sometimes we also can not make the call to them when he doesn’t enable mobile data/Wi-fi on their phone. As same as someone using WhatsApp mods, it allows to block voice call on WhatsApp  So, not only this reason is enough to make a decision. Also, check another identification through the below introduction.

Sent message won’t deliver to recipient phone


When after sent a message to someone through the WhatsApp, you can tell what happen to your message by the check marks, i.e., you can tell whether the message sent or not, message delivered or not, the message is read or not. Whatever, WhatsApp doesn’t deliver the message to the person who blocked you on WhatsApp. And WhatsApp will always show one check mark. It never a second check mark (message delivered).

However, this reason is not enough to tell that person blocked you Because there may be several reasons why your message doesn’t deliver to your partner’s phone. Such as your partner’s phone might be turned off, faced with network connection issues, or they may use any other tricky methods to read your WhatsApp message without knowing you.

You can’t add them to a WhatsApp group

We can add a WhatsApp contact to a group. But WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to add a person to a group who blocked you. But this reason not only means that person blocked you on WhatsApp. There are many reasons WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to add a person to a group such as WhatsApp allows adding 256 members to a group but you can’t add ones to a group if that group may be exceeding a limited number of members, Etc.

couldn't_add to_WhatsApp_group

If you got the negative answer for all above situation, there is likely nothing wrong with WhatsApp or your phone then you can assume that person blocked you on WhatsApp. But still, can’t sure he/she blocked you on WhatsApp then add that person to your friend’s WhatApp account and do everything that I told above then if you get the positive answer for all, now you can confirm he/she blocked you on WhatsApp.

Consultation: am I “blocked on WhatsApp” by my partner?

If you feel, I have blocked on WhatsApp by my friend or partner, Don’t worry anymore. I have explained above methods are simple to check on any device like Android, iPhone, Windows phone including Windows PC or Mac. Simply check all above methods and get a clear decision. Hope this article will help you. If you have any queries related to this article, then leave a comment on below box.


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